Saturday, October 3, 2009

Diana West Blog; new entry

This is a good analysis of the enemy and our increasing inability to see him and meet him on a field of battle of our choosing. US Political will for combat is non-existent at the moment. It is 1970 all over again. Blog "Losing" Our Way to Victory


  1. This is hard to accept, but I have to admit you're right.

    When one watches good leaders lose their way and see those under them suffer and die as a is truly unspeakable.

    Came over here from Diana West's site. She is, along with my co-blogger, on the board of the International Free Press Society.

    I have been following her arguments for a while, contrasting them with the interventionist philosophy of The Weekly Standard.

    My reluctant conclusion is that with the advent of Hagel as the new SecDef, a truly anti-military Commander-in-Chief, and a lack of any coherent foreign policy (much less a military plan), that it's time to bring them home. They will never be permitted to fight.

    I say this as someone who is pro-military and sick at heart. But Diana is right: we need to focus our energies on defending the West from Shariah. Saving the Afghans so they can further spread Shariah is insane.

    However, one caveat: this has been a steep learning curve and I am thoroughly out of breath from our climb to the top. From here, though, it is easier to see our mistakes littering the path behind us. The best insight is hindsight, etc.

    Also, I can see that there will be no MSM mention of "quagmire", no criticism of our president's lack of coherence, and lots of left-slanted rationales when Obama decides to extricate. If he does. The man is becoming Hamlet before our eyes...

  2. The truth is we have been conditioning the society for years to accept all religion as equal. Curiously, if you were to mention some religion somewhere that included child sacrifice in their doctrine most people would find that horrible. If, however you dare to flow against the conventional tide of wisdom and say that Islam and Sharia are hostile to everything except Islam, you're targeted as a hate monger. This is what comes from the lack of education. It isn't as though there aren't volumes out there written by all sides - including Muslim scholars that depict the actual truth of Islam and Mohammed.

    Society has its agenda and people, are lazy. You have had your eyes opened; Thank God. Now we need to do the same for everyone we know.



  3. Hello 1st Sgt. My name it Tanya Gustafson and I am the wife of Ssgt select Steven Gustafson who is currently serving in the Helmand Province. First of all, please accept my condolences for your brave, fallen son. I supported your fight to not publish that heartbreaking pic, but unfortunately the media doesn't give a damn. God bless you for your service and what your family is tragically going thru.

    I just want to say thank you to you for taking this horrible situation and making some good by fighting for the changes in the rules of engagement. My husband, before now, had served two tours in Iraq and that was always his biggest frustration! Off the record..he personally wants to level the middle east and make it a Las Vegas themed Disneyland!! But, since that's not going to happen, we must deal with the issues at hand and I am so thankful for your fight! I know you don't know me or my marine, but I just wanted to say thank you for all you are doing. Semper Fi.

  4. Roxy;

    Tell your Husband I said Semper Fi and know that the measure of success in this thing has absolutely nothing to do with the honor and service each individual Marine brings to the table. I know we are winning each and every engagement and it is frustration to know that our casualty rate would be lower if only our 'leadership' had the moral conviction to fight for our country and not someone elses. The fact that the Afghan's might enjoy some measure of improvement in their lives is not a concern to me nor should it be for those we elected. Our elected officials swore an oath to secure our borders and our citizenry - not rebuild the unredeemable and especially not with the blood of our sons, daughters, fathers and husbands.

    Tell him all things being equal; I wish I was there with him!

    Semper Fidelis;

    John Bernard

  5. I'm not as educated as most of the people who probably comment on here; I don't watch the news much or follow any of the stories. But a friend sent me the msn news story about this, and it terrifies me! My little brother is in the Army (after finally getting his life together) and he wanted so much to fight for his country, he joined the infantry. To think that these new rules are in place, and he will be on the "front lines" is horrifying! Also, on the religious stuff, if you're a Christian, you know that Christ Himself predicted all of this "feel good, love everyone" philosphy. I hate it, too, but I look at it as, hey, He's coming soon! Now back to Mr. Bernard and all of this: my and my church's prayers are with you, sir. And anyone else who has lost someone over there, or is afraid for someone there. And please remember my brother. Thank you all for letting me post here.

  6. Andrea;

    I will remember your brother in my prayers. My daughter lost her brother and best friend in Josh. You are right; Christ is often painted as a 'Dali Lama' type figure but that is far from the truth. His actions in clearing the Temple are evidence of that. Earlier, in the old restament we see God commanding what one can only call genicide not once but several times to clear a pagan culture from the land to be given to the Jews.

    Thank you for your condolences for my and the rest of my family. I know where he is and that I will see him again!