Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Education is the Key

This Blog was started with a very narrow focus and that was elevating the conversation about the ROE as it is presently in Afghanistan and using it as a launching point for further conversations with our Legislators. I think it is obvious to everyone that the ROE is just an outgrowth of a larger more ominous problem and that is the current administration's vision for future operations in Afghanistan. A single strategy COIN (counterinsurgency) doctrine is now in full play there and it only needs the blessing of the President to keep it that way. While some elements of COIN may need to be employed as this war progresses, it is short-sighted to believe it is the single way to win. We have a very small window of opportunity to speak to our congressional delegates and effect the change that is necessary to move away from COIN and back to the more critical ‘chase and kill’ strategy.

The enemy is insidious and single-minded in his mission and we must be equally intent in our resolve to meet them on a battlefield of our choosing. Theirs is to kill all apostates and unbelievers and ours needs to be in kind. Short of that and we will find ourselves on the wrong side of this fight when history is written.

A few days ago I recommended a book that is a must read for all who are fully engaged in this fight. You all need to follow this link to Andrew Bostom’s website and his book, read the preface and purchase the book. http://www.andrewbostom.org/loj/ I have read many books on the history of Islam and Mohammed but have never found so comprehensive a book. If you have been reading, you will find this the one-stop manual you have been searching for. If you haven't started; this will save you hours of searching.

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard


  1. Brother John - the comment below came to the Bloviating Hammerhead blog, but it's for you. Just passing it on to you.

    I am very sorry about the death of your son. I am here in Afghanistan (4 years) and I agree with you 100%. I cannot get on your blog because my company has blocks on many websites. I feel that one statement that keeps getting overlooked needs to be addressed. Pres. Bush said we would find and punish those who attacked American AND THOSE WHO HARBOR THEM. Most of the villagers here in Afghanistan leave when they know the Troops are coming. Or, they come out to meet our troops and ask for help. The ones that stay in the compounds with the taliban are the ones harboring the enemy! They are sympathizers. Also, you must understand that women in this country are considered less important than the sheep so if they kill their wife or wives and blame it on the Troops, that is better for them because they get money from the Troops and they can alwas get another wife or have more children. As far as I am concerned, they are aiding and abetting the taliban and they need to be killed along with their “friends” if they don’t surrender. I am not sorry if this offends anyone—war is hell–get used to it. Not one lawyer jumped up to defend any of our families of the men who had their heads cut off with a knife and displayed on the internet,and yet they fight over who will represent the ones commiting murder so they can get a fair trial. I wonder what their real agenda is?
    Another good eyeopening book to read is written by retired General Ricardo Sanchez. His book will give you an idea just who the politicians really think about. It definately is not the troops. And tell me, when did we EVER give the job of running the war to journalists?Have any of these people ever been to War college or had any training at all that our Officers have had? Most of these people here in Afghanistan give OPSEC info out in every article they write. This is stuff we are told not to talk about even to our mates incase some of the local Afghanis working on
    camp might hear and pass on to the taliban. The journalists print it in the paper! And please don’t tell me they can’t read English. These people are smart like rattle snakes, they have been an occupied nation for many years and have the technique of “playing stupid” down pat.
    Also, the last point I would like to make is that I don’t believe these people bashing our troops have ever read the koran. If they did, they would understand that these people are taught by mohamed to lie, cheat, steal and kill from the people of the book(Jews) and any other believers(Christians). They are suppose to do whatever it takes to get what we have.This is very evident to anyone who has been here for any amount of time. The Afghanis who spend time on camp are always begging money(even though the American tax payers pay them to keep them off the streets). Someone in the family is always sick, or the roof leaks, or they don’t have a generator for electricity (since their “firends ” have blown up the power plants) or on and on it goes. After a month it starts all over again .
    If these Afghanis cannot HELP in defending their own people and their country for their FREEDOM then we do not need to be killing our boys by having them over here. So, these politions need to let our troops do the job without tieing their hands. Now one thing is that we can’t be like Saddam Husien and murder innocent people, but the women and children in the compounds or mosques are HARBORING the ENEMY and our troops should have the right to fight them and WIN!!!!!

    Nancy Stenske

  2. Thanks Jim; I'll get in contact with her.



  3. this site is a chickenhawk's dream

  4. it's also full of misconceptions about Afghans

    soldiers should not be making policy, civilians should

    if you don't like the way it is run you shouldn't be in the military

    take your orders or don't sign up

    that simple