Monday, November 9, 2009

The Face of Cowardice

And the meltdown begins. The entire US government - President on down to the Congressional 'Leadership' is nothing but a bunch of absolute, spineless cowards! The left has always said the military should only be used to defend these shores, translated - wait until they land in Boston or Manhattan or DC, and then we can fight them. CRAP! They would sell this country out in a heart-beat! How many Marines and Soldiers have died taking and holding ground that the 'Great Generals'(there isn't a decent star in the bunch) now want to turn over to the enemy? Hey,IDIOTS in DC listen up; THE ENEMY IS ISLAM and always has been! Waiting on you to finally develop a spine and some sense of moral indignation is like waiting for you to finally decide there really is a God, a Devil, right/wrong and a responsibility to protect that which you have sworn to protect. You are all useless and now you intend to waste all of those lives spent to deny the enemy ground to go to. Congratulations; you are now officially cowards and enemies of your own country and people! You disgust me to a man - and woman. Start looking for work because we are going to see to it that you all, whether 'D' or 'R' are out of work in 2010!

To everyone else on this list; if you have not been paying close attention to all of this, understand that this is exactly what we have been waiting for; the cowards to finally sell us downstream. The stories that have come out in the past week are unbelievable. From paying the Taliban to switch sides to now relinquishing ground Marines and Soldiers bought with blood, giving it back to the Taliban. We don't need a new 'strategy'; we need to fight the original one with so much intensity that the very rocks cry out for mercy (no intent at sacrilege)! Scorched Earth should be the order of the day. Once again; THERE ARE NO HEARTS AND MINDS TO WIN!!! They are all enemy. The men are Jihadists, the women bare children that become...let me think...Jihadists.

If you don't want to see this country reverted into a 21st century version of a third world dust bowl we had better make sure these bone-heads in the 'Dark City' are ALL on the unemployment line in 2010!

Disgusted beyond any description;

John Bernard
1stSgt USMC ret and thoroughly ashamed of this government


  1. First Sergeant: I posted your article on my blog:

    The Freedom Fighter's Journal


  2. "Let's hope not, because there are 1.2 billion Muslims"

    The U.S. military has plenty of body bags - After all, the Muzzies drew First Blood on 9/11.

  3. 1stSgt, sounds like you should change the name of your blog from "let them fight or bring them home" to... "let them fight". I tend to agree with you on the question of poor tactical organization in Afg, but the larger policy questions are not Christian v. Muslim to me. If a clear policy can be outlined on how we eliminate the AQ threat in Afg/Pac and get out, then lets roll. If there is not a clear policy... maybe we should let them throw rocks at each other and continue to be vigilante at home as we get out of that hell hole.

  4. Blast;

    In general I agree with you. The point is and has to be to fight for the good of the United States not some 'greater world good'. It never fails that those who suggest that as a stronger nation we must be willing to sacrifice the blood of our children for the other nations of the world are largely unwilling to participate in that enterprise themselves. 'One-worlders' typically disavow the legitimacy of nationalism and have a hell of a time agreeing with that. Oh well. The only war we should be involved in is the one that affects national security (of the United STates). Sometimes that means drawing alliances with countries that have the same concerns and sometimes it means standing alone. The second point in this fight is remembering we didn't start the fight and as long as we are willing to have the enemy set the standards and control the battle space, we will lose - politically anyway. In any case, I care a lot less about anybody's misplaced sensibilities than I do the lives of the guys we have essentially abandoned in that hell-hole. They aren't armchairing this battle, they're living it - perfectly led or otherwise. Everyone else only has an opinion.

    If I truly believed they would stay in their sandbox and 'throw rocks at each other', I would agree with you right down the line. The problem is, Jihad is a Koranic mandate to propagate the faith. This isn't opinion, it's historical and Koranic fact. All of the Islamic schools of jurisprudence agree that the Koran and the Hadith, require participation by true believers in Jihad. Trying to get in the minds of every individual Muslim is not only impractical, it is impossible. Studying history and the present day actions of certain groups certainly suggests that a very healthy percentage of their population agrees.

    By the way, True Blue; you can call me names and damn the name of my Son from now until the Second Coming but your efforts would be better placed studying a little about Islam yourself. A critical thinker will try to debunk his own theories - not castigate others because theirs are not comfortable. Believe it or not; I'm actually concerned about your ass as well. All the PC tripe that you have been fed about Islam, the Crusades and the current status of religious friction around the world is not going to amount to a porous band aid if it is not correct; and it isn't. Whether or not there are 'moderate Muslims' or not is not the important question. The question rather is whether or not Islam is a moderate religion and it-is-not; according to the Koran, Mohammed, schools of Islamic jurisprudence, Muslim scholars of antiquity and present day. That reality is what we all have to come to grips with. Assigning the word 'extremist' to those who are actually living the truth of their religion doesn't fix the problem, it only postpones the inevitable.

    By the way; in case you couldn't understand the anger of the moment, the rant in my last blog had more to go with the insanity of 'paying' Taliban to switch sides and giving back to the enemy, territory we fought for and are presently holding , with blood. There's a saying; 'You can rent an Afghan but you can't own him'. In any case, Blast, you are right; if we can't do this right, we should come home.

    All Americans should be incensed with this. I know those of us who have worn a uniform and those of us who have lost someone in this fight certainly do.


  5. 1stSgt, thank you for your comment. The way I see it is the vast majority of Muslims, regardless of their sense on jihad or not, are powerless to project force on the USA. We were not paying attention prior to 9/11 - we need to keep our post 9/11 vigilance up. Some poor sheep herder with an AK is not a threat to the US, only to our forces over there. The cost in blood and treasure post 9/11 in Afg and Iraq is far greater than the initial attack. Are we being pulled into a fight that will drain of our strengths? Our warriors are far better equip and trained, but in the end, should we care about being there? Will a bigger foot print bring us any tangible change? Are we going to force conversion to Christianity or just kill them all to eliminate the jihad threat? How far should we go? Pave over Afg? I say f-em. I could careless if they have no power, schools or if their women wear clown outfits. It is not like they are living any different then they did 50, 100, 500 years ago. We are loaded up with a bunch of bad options, least of which would be a holy war from our side.


  6. Blast;

    I don't think we are all that far apart on this. You're right. If we don't have a very specific reason for being there anymore, it is hard to figure out why we are still there. Like you I don't care about the state of their schools infrastructure or their religious beliefs. They are free to do whatever they want - pray to bugs and eat dirt if that is their desire (True Blue I am not saying they do those things). You are right; the cost is more than 9/11 but that isn't the measure of need or success. We lost 2500 hundred plus at Pearl Harbor and we certainly lost more than that combatting the Japanese. Iwo Jima alone cost us 7000. The question boils down to what kind of existential threat that region we are in poses to Americans and American interests; period. I, don't have an answer to that and is part of the discussion we are all embroiled in. I think it would be a grave mistake to discount the netirety of the region - even Afghanistan as nothing but a population of goat herders. The fact is Al Qaida was invited in and hosted by someone. The question remains whether the 'someone' is still a threat, even by proxy and whether Al Qaida still seeks refuge and training within the borders of Afghanistan. If those are true, we need to settle that but seeking to 'win hearts and minds' without a very specific measure of victory or a reasonable expectation of a cessation in hostilities, amounts to someone's experiment in social engineering at the cost of someone elses blood.

    The greater question of 'holy war' is and will continue to defined by them. Jihad is holy war against the Infidel. Jihad is a Koranic mandate. The many Fatwas, decrees and writings from antisuity and the present cause them (Islamists) to project violence against those who are not true believers. We have a choice; meet them on the battlefield or subject. Pulling back and 'minding our own business' may not be an option. Certainly the scores of examples over the past 3 decades alone suggest this is a war they intend to not give up.

    We will never 'force conversion to Christianity' on anyone. Nor are we likely to 'kill them all' but if hosyilities are going to cease, they whose belief it is that they have a responsibility to kill us will have to change their minds.


  7. This is an important site and needs to get more exposure. As I see it, certain premises must be stated and rules should be followed. The site says "Let them fight or bring them home". It is not a political debate on the "right" or "wrong" war. The fact is, we are in a war. Anything we can do to support our troops and protect them from needless danger should be done. Name calling and pointless debates over Viet Nam and comparisons take away from the plain and simple truth; More service men and women will die as a result of the ROE or redefined interpretation of that ROE. My son just returned from his second tour. He made a prophetic statement that I think sums this up; "Protecting the infrastructure and winning hearts and minds may have worked in Iraq, but we are not there yet in Afghanistan, nor may ever be. In the mean time, we need to be able to fight rather than be targets."
    May I suggest we get folks like Ed West and others that are working in the political process to bring the necessary spotlight on this problem. I also think we need to contact the media, and try to get some visibility. The problem I see is that I believe ROE is classified, although the enemy knows it all too well. Our young men and women should be able to speak freely about their frustrations and force this administration to act accordingly.
    I am deeply sorry for the loss of your children. My life goes on hold everytime my son deploys. He will do at least 3 combat deployments and possibly 4. Over half of his helicopter flight time is combat time already. It is fitting that I write today as he attends the memorial in Camp Pendleton for 4 of his fallen comrades in arms. We need to take this from conversation to action. I'd love to hear some thoughts on how to do that.

  8. Wow. First you lie about my words, and then you eliminate my rebuttal. So, is that what it comes down to with today's "Christians?"

  9. Hey True Blue;

    One of the benefits of it being my blog. If you want to ratchet down the personal insults, you can stay on board. You want to continue the way you're going and I will eliminate everything you write.

    You have a point of view and that is fine but you don't seem to have the personal discipline to watch your personal attack.

    Your choice; this is your only warning.

    John Bernard