Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Schizophrenic Leadership Charges On.............

In the very same morning issue of, Marine Corps edition dated 01 February 2010, we have two lead stories and the juxtaposition of these two seemingly related stories beautifully illustrates just how completely detached our civilian and upper echelon military leadership is from reality on the battlefield. The opening story is entitled 'Clock starts Ticking on End Gay Ban'. I don't know about you, but I find it disturbing that while men and women are dying on the field of battle largely due to an uncertain strategy driving unethical ROE, we find time to discuss this.

A couple of weeks ago, General Petraeus found Trijicon's practice of infusing Bible Scripture addresses on it's optics 'disturbing'. This is largely due to a standing DOD prohibition barring American Troops from proselytizing in Afghanistan and Iraq for fear of offending them. It should be known, by the way, the Taliban and other Jihadists regularly paint the stocks of their weapons Islamic green and write sura's on them in order to engender the grace of Allah and victory over the enemy (us).

So, to translate; we don't want to do anything that might 'offend' Muslims in Muslim-land. Yet by some twisted logic, these present day strategic geniuses, publicly announced their support (both top end leadership in our military and civilian structure) to actively seek placing openly, practicing, homosexual and lesbian Americans (again spelled Infidel) on the battlefield.....I thought Muslims, the Koran, Islam in general and the 'Prophet' found homosexuality an abomination worthy of death? This isn't going to 'offend' our Muslim 'brothers' in Afghanistan and Iraq? Can you say schizophrenia?

Again; Bible scripture addresses, discreetly placed on the side/bottom of optics, infused with the unit nomenclature (which by the way, is a big hit with American Troops) versus announcing the soon arrival of openly practicing homosexuals and lesbians on the soil of a practicing Muslim people. Oh yeah; I want to hire this brain-trust when they retire!

The second story some find 'troubling' and even 'astonishing'. The opening line to this story is as follows; 'Anger, frustration and a hunger for revenge are running high among U.S. Marines as casualties mount on the frontline of the battle against the Taliban in southern Afghanistan'

Gee; you think? Their Commander in Chief, President Obama, their ISAF Commander, General McChrystal, Chairman of the JCS, Adm McMullen and SecDef Robert Gates have sold the entire US military structure downstream and almost gleefully announced and accepted the almost certain prospect of higher American casualty rates in an effort to reduce Afghan civilian casualties. All this in a combat zone where there is very little distinction between combatants and non-combatants and where the non-combatants have shown little concern for or desire to host our Warriors.

In addition, these same 'leaders' have made it clear that victory, winning, Islam, enemy, war and terrorists are no longer part of the lexicon. Then to top it off, Robert Holbrooke announces how gleeful he is that the UN is finally taking Taliban off the UN restricted list and that there will be talks of reconciliation between the seated Karzai administration and the Taliban. He, our President and Karzai are hopeful the Taliban will become part of the governance of Afghanistan again. You think Marines abandoned in this hell might be frustrated; a little?

Hey Geniuses; here's a history lesson for you by someone whose shoes you will never fill:

"When war does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard."
--General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard


  1. JB

    I do not know anyone in the military that does not support the Bible scriptures on the RCO. On the contrary i do not know anyone who supports gays in the military.

    Morale is at lower levels the normal right now and it is a direct reflection of higher. It is low for many reasons. Including the fact that, apparently afghan lives are more important then American service members lives. The real problem I guess is the narrow veiw the people of Washington, the 05 and higher are putting on this.

    "life is much more successfully looked at from a single window" Fitzgerald

    “…a very narrow window, through which at a distance one can see only a crack of light. As one comes closer, the view grows wider and wider until finally through this same narrow window, one is looking at the universe" Carson

    How should we look at this? I would hope in a way that will allow us to fix ourselves.


  2. 03114life;

    A literary type; Who knew? Well put my friend. Remember; don't lose heart though. This part of the fight is something those of us now on the outside will fight for you. Yours is to keep the faith and remember you have been Blessed; truly Blessed to have been afforded the opportunity to live, train, work and fight with men of like mind. It is by virtue of the fact that you don't lose heart that the rest of the country has hope for it's future. These, are literally, the best years of your life. Enjoy it Pal!