Monday, June 14, 2010

The Wrong Men, the Wrong Time, the Wrong War!

James L. Jones, Robert M. Gates, Barrack H. Obama, David Petraeus, Stanley McChrystal

Infected with an ideological slant toward the Muslim populations of the world, these five men have deliberately placed our Warriors and this nation in the world's backseat. That the welfare of the Afghan people and that of Muslim peoples around the world is the priority, there can be little doubt. There have been far too many references to diplomatic nuance and specific statements by the President himself to leave any doubt of the agenda of this administration and that of his collective.

It was not that many weeks ago that David Petraeus, Commander USCENTCOM, made his outrageous political statements concerning the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and it's endangering of American Troops in the region. Petraeus's statement was surprising on several levels not the least of which is that it is generally considered bad policy for active duty Officers to make political commentary. Making such comments is generally career killing. The fact that there was absolutely no response from the administration or from any quarter in DC speaks volumes about this sitting administration's view of the United States, Israel and the Islamic world.

This past week may have supplied the most damning evidence to date of the failure of this administration and that of the appointed military leadership in the prosecution of the war in Afghanistan. A series of stories that began with an admission of doubt in the effectiveness of the current strategy began to emerge this past week. From the story:

U.S. Gen. Stanley McChrystal has confirmed that the long-anticipated (and widely publicized) security offensive in the city of Kandahar will be delayed and reconceived. This announcement comes amid a number of U.S. and NATO statements reflecting concern about the strength and persistence of the Taliban and ongoing difficulties in the farming community of Marjah. In short, the U.S.-led effort in the Afghan south is encountering serious problems.

One day later, SecDef Gates is out on the media trail, announcing that NATO has 'regained the initiative' in the fight against the Taliban?! June 13th found Harmid Karzai and General McChrystal in Kandahar 'to build support for the upcoming military offensive in the province'. And finally we have this little gem dated today in which General Petraeus, wearing his other hat (whatever that is) announcing that Afghanistan has an abundance of untapped wealth in minerals.......??? Hasn't it always been the left and it's mouthpiece the media that has always denounced US foreign policy as the act of an 'Imperialistic State'? Why in the world should we care about what lies beneath the top layers of soil in Afghanistan? What could this possibly have to do with the upcoming, on again, off again, 'reconceived offensive' in Kandahar? Does anyone actually have a clue what the mission is much less any definition of victory/completion/endgame?

Maybe this isn't the best time to bring this up either; Atlas Shrugs reported that Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit on Nile-TV, said that President Obama made it clear to him that he was a Moslem and that his Father was a Moslem and that his Step Father was a Moslem and that the Moslem peoples of the world just needed to be a little patient with him. He reportedly told him that once he was finished with some of those pesky domestic issues like health care, oil spills, eroding what is left of US manufacturing capacity etc, 'he would show the Muslim World how to deal with Israel'. Seem far-fetched? It is always interesting to me that people will refuse to believe that the doctrine of deception practiced by Islam exists and yet not believe a Muslim when he makes a declaration about a politically charged statement by this sitting President. You can't have it both ways folks.

The real question that needs answering here is whether or not anyone involved in this Afghan debacle has a clue. Does the President have a clearly marked path to a clearly defined endgame? Does he have any clearly identifiable vision for the Arab world, the Middle East in general or the security of the nation he has sworn to protect? Does the SecDef have any clue about his role and does he understand that his oath stands alone and maybe in defiance of the desires of this sitting President? Do Petraeus or McChrystal have any idea of their parts in this or are they just doing the bidding of their messiah as well?

And what of our Warriors caught in the middle of this web of deception, indecision, reckless abandonment of the primary concern; the security of this nation? In a week that saw 23 NATO troops killed, a helicopter shot down, reported tanks destroyed, a massive bombing of a wedding ceremony in Kandahar, is there any understanding of the ruthlessness of the enemy? Is there yet any 'enemy' left to fight? In a land where deception, lies, treachery and murder are all glorious to Allah, does there still remain any belief that COIN is the 'right strategy'? If yes; then it should be clear that the five men at the helm are completely incompetent or worse, guilty of pre-meditated murder.

At a time when the population of this country seems to be oblivious to the suffering of our Warriors and the brutal failure of an ill-conceived strategy in a land where the only valueless commodity is human life, there needs to be a voice of reason.

Is there one out there in this stinking swamp of political sewage that has become our city of governance?

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard

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