Monday, September 13, 2010

To Burn, or Not to Burn...

I have never had much patience for anyone who acts out of frustration and then in a way that is 'unprofitable'. Back in the 60's and 70's Hippies burned American Flags, spit on returning Warriors, and generally acted like spoiled brats without the ability to reason. As the years have passed, some of these practices have done little but incite disgust, deliver personal insult and otherwise alienate the very people they were intended to influence. I know I take it as a personal insult when someone desecrates the flag. I am somewhat less insulted by the burning of the Bible largely because it is an act of disobedience against the omniscient, omnipotent God who is fully capable of retribution. It is his word that is being abused by the unrepentant - and at their eternal peril.

So it was curious to me that so much fury could be raised by the mere suggestion that a small group of individuals might burn a few Korans. Here is my point by point take on the subject:

1. Mat 28:16-20 Then the eleven disciples went away into Galilee, to the mountain which Jesus had appointed for them. When they saw Him, they worshiped Him; but some doubted. And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen. Based on this command it strikes me that doing something that you know will insult someone and thereby remove the possibility of speaking to them, places you in violation of the command. After all; even Islamists are to be reached out to with the Gospel. This Pastor and his congregation certainly have the right to do this (a right the President seems conflicted about), but as Believers should have refrained.

2. General Petraeus, President Obama and the entire administration have bent over backwards to accommodate the Afghan people, government and apparently, 'repentant Taliban' and all at the expense of American Warriors. The level of 'restraint' shown during engagements, while seemingly admirable, is doing little to bring about victory - a victory our Warriors should be able to expect for their efforts and sacrifices. There is evidence that tax payer dollars are being funneled into that country to rebuild/build Mosques. And this knowing that Islamists have never been 'tolerant' of any ideology or system of governance inconsistent with the Koran or Sharia. It has also been apparent for some time that the Strategy has become the goal and the security of the United States a forgotten concern.

3. Anyone who truly believes that Islam is 'a religion of peace' is smoking some very strong dope. Anyone who believes that burning a few Korans can transform otherwise rational and peaceful people into a murderous horde isn't giving those 'rational and peaceful people' much credit for the ability to reason. Anyone who truly thinks the 'true soldiers of Allah' aren't capable of using an otherwise mundane act as an excuse to incite violence and propaganda is a prisoner of his own inept mental faculty. Anyone who thinks violence in the streets is a perfectly normal and expected reaction to this kind of protest and doesn't allow Christians or Jews the same latitude, is a bigot.

I find it appalling that the same government officials and media that pressured this Pastor and his congregation to abandon their plans to protest the atrocities of 9/11 caused by the true soldiers of Allah by burning a few copies of the Koran are eternally silent when the Bible, Jesus or other Christian elements are so disgraced. I find it disgraceful that any sitting President would so defile his own country's history by denying the spiritual underpinnings of his nation's history in a speech to a people who already revile us and then show undue deference to those same people that he would deny his own.

In the end, the Islamists never needed a reason to be violent. Their violent expressions of displeasure for the act of burning Korans - that never happened only serves to reveal the true heart of the religion and it's adherents. This is not and has never been a peaceful religion and it's followers have never been a peaceful or loving people. The tolerance so demanded of our people by our elected representatives is not expected or demanded of others by those same representatives and this disparity only serves to embolden an enemy that has proven it's patience and it's intent to fulfill what it believes is it's mandate; to subjugate the world.

The acts of retribution feared by General Petraeus against American Warriors for the threat of burning the Koran are on any other day, acts of hatred for American Warriors that he should have been dealing with right along. They are the same acts of hatred that propelled the true soldiers of Allah to fly planes into the Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon 9 years ago and which caused us to seek justice by invading the very country where those acts were planned. It is the same hatred that has followed this religion throughout it's 1400 year history and that has never truly been confronted. It is, in fact, the same hatred and lack of the almighty 'tolerance' that will be there long after our politically motivated withdrawal from the plains of Afghanistan.

While the very act of considering the burning of the Koran would for most of us seem an anemic act of protest and fuel for an already hate filled people, the fact is, the seeds of hatred for all things not in submission to Allah were planted centuries ago. It would, then, be a far better use of time, the spoken word and study to determine the truly best way to confront what is proving to be greatest challenge to Western and American civilization.

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard


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    Playing with fire here:

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  3. OK, here is what I do not understand, when and why did the United States start rolling over for people, and who made it OK? This is not what we have done in the past and we should not do it now. I would like to think there was a time we would have said "Look here, you (Islamists) are not building a mosque anywhere near ground zero do you understand that, and furthermore if we want to burn Korans we will do so every 9/11 till we cannot find anymore to burn". I understand that this is extreme and takes away from the Big Brother image, but I say, the United States should be about done playing big brother for the ungrateful. I realize there are civil and tactful approaches to situations like these, but come on just how many back flips are we going to do. How tolerable are we going to be with people who do not share a common interest with us? We have to give into all on our own soil and no one is there to give anything in return, I think not. That statement holds true to a lot more than just the Muslim faith and us doing right by them. Look at illegal Mexican immigration (or any other race or religion for that matter). We are supposed to be the youngest, biggest, and strongest country on the planet. I do not like to think that all pervious wars fought by the United States were fought in vain, because they were fought to reserve the right to say or do as we please without any outside influence at all, more or less. Otherwise we should have just let ourselves fall to Great Britain, or the Nazi's, or any of the other scumbags that have tried to push us or our allies around. America needs to take back control of the situation at hand, as well as setting our priorities straight.

    JB, I wrote this awhile back and I forgot about it, so now im posting it now. I personally am either way on these subjects. I feel that Americans have rights and should be able to use them. More importantly though in the grand scheme of situation everyone would be happy if they just did right by the other party, if the builders did not build and the burners did not burn. It is all about just doing the right thing which pretty sounds simple and profound right...

    Check out these speeches as well I found them pretty motivational I am sure you will like them also.

  4. Very insightful article. It is obvious that America has lost its way from where it was first intended to go...or more accurately it has been lead away. COIN is only a symptom of the disease that has infected this country. Many of our leadership and people have forgotten who we are. With any well run origanization, you have a mission statement and a set of immovable core values and ALL decisions are filtered through that lense. Today, in an era where tolerance and non-offensiveness rule, the Govt and the courts no longer base their decisions on our core values since all opinions "MUST" be equal. Therefore, we do not protect our borders, we do not protect our sovereignty, and we do not protect our military.