Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Answer to 'tjuan'; The time to Act is NOW!

I received a comment of frustration from a reader at the bottom of the last entry and I was compelled to give an answer that was a little more of a rant than normal. I feel the substance of the answer however is the core of this cause. As you read it, I hope you see that; and act. We have all been speaking to our 'sphere's of influence' and that must continue but a more direct hit in the way of calls, letters and e-mails to those in positions of influence is also vitally important. As follows:


As we all know, the government in place is self-serving and corrupt to the core. Any sitting President that would place the lives of Sovereign US Warriors as less valuable than foreign peoples is in violation of his oath. The Armed Forces of this nation are in fact an asset of this government which is supposed to be a servant of the King (the people). Those 'assets' and all elected members of the government swear oaths, as I did, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. How you translate that to mean to-be-the-saviors of the Islamic world is beyond a reasonable man's ability to answer. There is, of course, only one rational answer and that is that the President has chosen the Islamic peoples of the world over the Americans who voted for him - much less those who did not. How this is not seen as a clear violation of his oath can only be explained in one way.

How you get 536 members of a governing body (Congress), the entire Judicial Branch and all other members of State and Local governments to stay silent while the President of the United States wastes the lives of our Warriors for what is now obviously his perverted personal pursuit, can also only be explained in one way. Why the vast majority of the population of this country is not enraged and taken to the streets over this, again, can only be explained in one way. How a sign ' The Marine Corps is at War; America is at the Mall' placed in a hooch in Afghanistan does not cause the vast majority of this country to feel shame for, essentially, abandoning our Warriors to the madness of this administration, again, can only be explained in one way.

In the Bible it is referred to as Spiritual Blindness. This country stepped away from it's entire heritage - Judeo-Christian and Secular, a long time ago. Some say in the last 100 years. I believe it was heading there almost as soon as the final shots were fired during the revolution. History records it took 10 years to get the Constitution ratified and then only after the Bill of Rights was defined and agreed upon. A scant 40 years later, Thomas Jefferson was complaining to Justice Warren (in a letter) that the government was out of control. Of course the events we are witnessing right now are far beyond what the Founders could have imagined or would have stood for.

As late as this morning, on FOX News (which I don't waste much time on anymore), they were bemoaning the fact that the Pentagon, presumably under the direction of the administration, uninvited Franklin Graham to their prayer service because he prays as a Christian - and this while American Servicemen, in uniform, are pressed to help rebuild Mosques in Afghanistan; this while pressing United States Marine Corps Officers and their Senior Enlisted Advisors to don Afghan garb and to be paraded through the streets there?! And let's not forget the 'hand-holding' exercise as we were 'egressing' from Korengal.

I have made several attempts to get FOX to speak to me or for that matter anyone who has a focused understanding of the elements of this discussion; a discussion which must be had and which can-save-lives. To date....Silence. I will now try through this more public forum to reach out to them. I have been asked by many of you what can be done. I will tell you; call FOX News and ask them why they are not paying closer attention to this. This self described bastion of the 'Fair and Balanced' discourse has remained as silent as the dead in DC. In the meantime, our Warriors are paying a horrific price. Call FOX and call them now. If the dead in DC can't listen; maybe a shot from FOX can raise the dead.


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