Friday, May 7, 2010

The Unity of the 'Collective'

Not that many years ago, 1996, 'Star Trek; First Contact' was released to the world and a hungering fan base. The story revolves around two distinct story lines; on the one hand the historically significant advent of 'time-warp travel' and the personal battle/vendetta of the captain of the new Enterprise-E to obliterate the cyborg 'culture' known as the Borg. Even if you have never been a fan of the series, there are several interesting concepts presented in the series and in this particular movie. One is our seeming eternal fascination with space exploration and the continual pursuit of proof of life on other worlds, the absence of God and the supremacy of man. If you think that last comment is over the top; revisit the series and Gene Roddenberry's bio.

The other story imbedded in the larger tale is that of the Captain, Jean-Luc Picard who is obviously tortured by an event in his past that has him obsessed with seeking out and destroying 'the Borg'. The Borg are a cybernetic organism that propagates by 'stealing' the bodies of humans and fusing them with mechanical/electronic components. Once this is accomplished, they become Borg - both singular and plural. This 'culture' is referred to as 'the Collective'. They see alike, feel alike, think alike, move to the same 'music', if you will and have one purpose and intent. It's all very George Bernard Shaw. Sound like anything else you may have heard about here on this dismal little rock?

We are faced with our own 'collective' here in this country. They have been taught the same mantra, fed the same revised history, nurtured in the same ideology, preened for 'government service', taught moral relativism, indoctrinated in gender/cross-gender norming, reducing education and excellence to the lowest common denominator, protecting the 'rights' of the indefensible, redistribution of wealth, elevating demonic forces including Islam and hating the military. The hope is that all in the collective will come to the true light of truth and take on all of this, but not all are ready to dive in that end of the pool yet. So you still see some who are 'believers' (and as of January 2009 become worshipers), taking jobs and putting on uniforms even in places you would not expect to find them.

Case in Point: This past Saturday, May 1st, started a chain of events that has led all except the most ardent 'worshipers' to what most of us knew to be true. The truth that all Islamic Jihadists have the same goal; world domination and a desire to export terrorist acts to the United States. The few simple facts that emerged about the event/non-event that took place in Times Square in the first 36 hours pointed to a Taliban blessed attack as surely as a compass needle points north. Law enforcement officials took a wait-and-see-where-the-evidence-leads approach that they should have even though they almost certainly knew the answer. Members of the administration stayed silent.

Eventually even members of the administration had to admit it looked like there might be 'an international connection'. As of this writing, all except dreamers, ardent apologists for Islam, left-wing ideologues and the residents of la-la land, know what we knew 5 days ago; Shahzad, who made a trip back to the motherland (Waziristan), had indeed met with elements of Terik-I-Taliban and returned with a fire in his belly to set a bomb in New York City. Of course the left-wing media found nothing but compassion for this would-be mass murderer who 'fell on tough times and couldn't realize the American dream'. It's too bad; if he'd waited a little longer, P. Obama would have dreamed up another program that would have helped him 'achieve' that goal.

So why is General Petraeus, today, announcing that Shahzad was a lone wolf? Probably for the same reasons he finds Scripture addresses on American Warrior's ACOG's offensive and why he deemed Israel a threat to the safety of American Servicemen, and why he felt compelled to jump into the fray of social-engineering our Armed Forces. A member of the collective has little choice but to do the will of the collective. The problem is, the collective assumes they are right not because they believe there is absolute right and wrong but just because they feel they are always right sans God and any troublesome admonishment from him in Scripture.

Is that what is expected of Generals in the United States Army now? Political commentary, social engineering, anti-Christian rhetoric hurled at a largely Christian armed force. How about re-visiting a strategy and it's ROE that gets your wards murdered, General? How about making uncomfortable recommendations to a CIC who clearly doesn't care about the cost of his desires for the Islamic nations of the world to American Warriors?

Where are the Chesty Pullers, Norman Swartzkoffs, John A. Lejeunes, Curtis Lemays and even Teddy Roosevelts when you need them? God help us!

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams


Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard

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