Monday, November 9, 2009

The Face of Cowardice

And the meltdown begins. The entire US government - President on down to the Congressional 'Leadership' is nothing but a bunch of absolute, spineless cowards! The left has always said the military should only be used to defend these shores, translated - wait until they land in Boston or Manhattan or DC, and then we can fight them. CRAP! They would sell this country out in a heart-beat! How many Marines and Soldiers have died taking and holding ground that the 'Great Generals'(there isn't a decent star in the bunch) now want to turn over to the enemy? Hey,IDIOTS in DC listen up; THE ENEMY IS ISLAM and always has been! Waiting on you to finally develop a spine and some sense of moral indignation is like waiting for you to finally decide there really is a God, a Devil, right/wrong and a responsibility to protect that which you have sworn to protect. You are all useless and now you intend to waste all of those lives spent to deny the enemy ground to go to. Congratulations; you are now officially cowards and enemies of your own country and people! You disgust me to a man - and woman. Start looking for work because we are going to see to it that you all, whether 'D' or 'R' are out of work in 2010!

To everyone else on this list; if you have not been paying close attention to all of this, understand that this is exactly what we have been waiting for; the cowards to finally sell us downstream. The stories that have come out in the past week are unbelievable. From paying the Taliban to switch sides to now relinquishing ground Marines and Soldiers bought with blood, giving it back to the Taliban. We don't need a new 'strategy'; we need to fight the original one with so much intensity that the very rocks cry out for mercy (no intent at sacrilege)! Scorched Earth should be the order of the day. Once again; THERE ARE NO HEARTS AND MINDS TO WIN!!! They are all enemy. The men are Jihadists, the women bare children that become...let me think...Jihadists.

If you don't want to see this country reverted into a 21st century version of a third world dust bowl we had better make sure these bone-heads in the 'Dark City' are ALL on the unemployment line in 2010!

Disgusted beyond any description;

John Bernard
1stSgt USMC ret and thoroughly ashamed of this government