Monday, May 16, 2011

A Strategy Change Needed From "Placate and Capitulate" to "Force and Fear"

It is a universal truth that some are won over by love and others through fear. Those without a natural malice toward others are naturally drawn by acts of love and charity. Those who harbor ill-will and whose natural tendency it is to harm others, typically require a solid dose of fear to encourage change in their inclinations toward others.

It is wise to keep this in mind as we peruse the deluge of reporting and Monday morning quarterbacking of the unfolding events following the demise of Osama Bin Laden. The only truly wise thing I have heard from the typical news agencies and prognosticators in the past two weeks has come from an unlikely source. During Mike Huckabee's show Sunday night, Ted Nugent was asked if he thought the removal of Osama Bin Laden from the roles of the living would have a significant affect on the war/unwar. His answer was definitive and without hesitation; No. Score one for common sense and understanding!

It's too bad our illustrious leadership in the alabaster halls of the Dark City aren't as knowing; or at least as candid. I have heard a number of speeches and commentary littered with contradiction and political innuendo all with a clear design and that design is to send a message - in some cases to multiple audiences. Even the "disposal" of the murderer's body was orchestrated to send a message. Of course, that act was ill-conceived and will probably have caused far more damage than good once the carnage is cleared and analyzed through the prism of history. If you remove the fact that a non-uniformed enemy of this nation was given the distinct honor of being buried in our most profoundly solemn form, from the deck of a US Naval vessel, what is left is a laundry list of questions.

Friend and author, Andy Bostom delineated the incredible ineptitude and lack of understanding in the handling of the late scum's carcass by blowing a one time chance to send an indelible message to the pronounced enemies of this nation. Instead of treating him with the disdain he has so efficiently and maliciously shown the men, women and children of this nation, we chose instead to show him deference for his adherence to the very demonically influenced doctrine that motivated his perverse actions to begin with. What would have been more appropriate? How about using his carcass for chum and sending a four points bulletin to the world; "Don't Tread On Me!"

In another one of the more painful speeches to watch, this sitting President announced the details of the operation including everything but the very names of the operators and their families and then spent undue time trying to convince the Muslim world we "knew" Bin Laden was no leader of the Muslim people while, declaring that attention to his Islamic compliant burial was an attempt to not alienate the Muslim peoples of the world?!?

A rhetorical question: If Bin Laden really wasn't considered a leader amongst the vast majority of the Muslims peoples of the world and was in fact reviled by them for "hi-jacking" the religion; why would there be any concern how his "abused" remains might affect their judgment of us?

Since then, there has been yet one more incident where a "trusted" Afghan Policeman unloaded his AK 47 on sovereign US Soldiers, killing one and wounding three before he was killed. The story quotes "an unnamed official" as saying the incident arose from a disagreement between him and the soldiers. I agree; in all of these cases the disagreement is exactly the same. They are Muslim and the US soldiers are not.

The point remains effectively the same; the civil servants in this country have subjugated the population of this country to the perverse desire of this sitting President to handle the Muslim enemies of this nation in a way that elevates the value of their lives above that of our Marines and Soldiers. In subjugating the population of this nation he makes the sovereign forces of this nation of no account and certainly of less value than the collective body of adherents to Islam. These "servants" are, in fact, guilty of the willful destruction of a government asset and because that asset is human - murder. Claiming ignorance of the well documented doctrines of the ideology that motivates all of the players on the ground in Afghanistan may give them sway in a court of civil law, but the ultimate judgment awaiting them will not be as merciful; in that I have great confidence!

In another story of perverse logic ruling the day, an ISAF medical evac helicopter was fired on by Taliban murderers while they (ISAF) were attempting to load an unidentified "soldier" onto the helicopter who had stepped on an IED - set by the Taliban. This caused the local American Commander to denounce it as an "un-Islamic" act?!…..So…setting IED's that might maim or kill women and children is an Islamic act? Of course the question raised by a friend and Marine Mother, M. J. Green was whether or not it was against the Geneva Conventions to do such a thing? The unequivocal answer is; yes it is. The greater question is why these non-uniformed murderers have been afforded the protection of the Geneva Conventions in the first place. They aren't covered by print or spirit of intent by the Conventions; period!

Folks; we are ten years into this battle and our well protected servants, from the confines of their air-conditioned offices have had enough time to become Islamic Scholars themselves. They have certainly had enough time to understand the ramifications of forcing sovereign US forces to patrol the streets of villages without hope of fire support or, in some cases even being able to return fire with the rifles they carry simply to ward off an attack. They have been witness to the 30 sons of American parents who have perished since December at the hands of Afghan's; Afghan's being trained by those very Soldiers who are attempting to train them to make Afghan lives and that of their families, safer and yet, the elected servants of this country remain silent and worse yet, even convinced, they are doing the right thing by refusing to accept the possibility that the religion is the motivator for the evil they do.

In this nation we have a right to Free Speech, Free Thought, and Self-Determination among others. These rights are emblazoned in the Ten Bill of Rights which are guarded by the United States Constitution and by extension, the oaths and lives of our Warriors.

Could there be a greater perversion of justice than to have our elected "servants" stand by idly while men of ill intent force these same Warriors to forfeit their very lives on the fields of Afghanistan, for a fantasy? Forcing them to provide "protection", at undue risk to themselves for a people who ideologically agree with the slaughter of those same Warriors? And yet, as the political rhetoric begins to ratchet up for yet another election cycle, there is barely a word about the war, the plight of our forces being pinned down by a faulty strategy and it's demonically spawned ROE. What is at the top of the agenda? Money!

People invariably ask what I would do then given my disgust for the current condition. Typically I haven't answered the question because the answer is painfully obvious. But for those who can't make the logical leap; here goes:

Take the two greatest weapons we have, out of the vault and place them back in the hands of the greatest military force this world has ever witnessed; Fear and Force!

Tell the "innocent" Afghan, the demonically inspired Taliban, the deranged Al Qaida operative, the corrupt government official, the Imam, the Cleric, the Tribal Elder, the "moderate" Muslim, the "Extremist", the True Soldier of Allah, the coward, the patriot, the militant and any other name you have a fancy to call them and tell them we are there because we are through being their "mission field". We are there to hold Al Qaida and all those who give them aid and comfort, accountable - we are going to find them and kill them regardless of where they hide. All those who choose to help may be spared; all those who choose another path, will leave children and women mourning over their carcasses.

This is war. It isn't a war we started, and it sure isn't something we can negotiate away. This is a holy war because the enemy has told us so. Just because our delicate western sensibilities can't allow some within our ranks to wrap their heads around it doesn't change that fact. So we can meet the enemy on a battle field of our choosing or we can wait for him to outlast us while we continue to fumble around trying to make nice with the devil.

One thing for sure, he is patient.

Are we ever going to be willing to do what must be done so our Marines and Soldiers can come home - and victorious?

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard