Monday, June 9, 2014

Concerning Tomorrow's Primary Election in Maine;

For years now we have been hearing and airing complaints about the travesty that defines the political atmosphere in Washington DC. Many have complained that the differences between the GOP and the DNC are so slight, on many subjects as to be nearly indiscernible.

I have agreed with that assessment.

It does often seem as though the people we send to DC to represent us either leave their home turf having already been compromised by funding generated from within that DC cesspool or become so, once they are exposed to the pathogens walking the streets of our nation's capital.

People on the right have become so disenchanted that they have chosen to stay home during election cycles, rather than vote; believing their votes either won't count, or will be abused by yet one more disappointment using their tax dollars to feather another career politician's retirement plan

Here, I have partially agreed.

In the last two Presidential elections roughly 50% of those registered or at least claiming to be Republicans or Constitutional Conservatives have chosen to stay at home, feet propped up on a chair eating popcorn and throwing metaphorical tomatoes at the TV screen, rather than acting like responsible, Patriotic Americans, and casting their vote - even for the least of two evils.

I have NOT agreed with this stance!

I gave much of my life, preparing to defend the Constitution of this nation, serving in one war with many like-minded friends who have spent much of their lives doing the same thing. I have watched as the young of this generation have served several deployments to Islamic hell-holes with multiple thousands suffering the indignity of life altering wounds and over four thousand dying at the hands of a recalcitrant enemy and a complicit United States Government which has apathetically allowed them to be forced to serve within the strictures of COIN strategy rather than to listen to the sound counsel of those of us who are all too familiar with brutal failure those endeavors have been over these seventy four years since it was officially adopted as an optional battle stratagem.

Those who have sat home during these past two Presidential elections and interim/midterm elections will not like hearing this, but, you share the blame. You share the blame because you were upset that a candidate fitting your narrow definition of "the right" candidate hadn't miraculously materialized for your voting pleasure.
The problem is, none of you have stepped forward to run, either!

Now we face yet one more election cycle and though the choices available may not be all that each of us would like to see, the truth is, there are differences - and those differences will make the difference between the life, and the death of America's oath-bound War Fighters.

Frankly I no longer care whether the nation succeeds, or fails. I will cast my vote but also recognize that I live in a nation of some 338,000,000 people and I do not necessarily represent the majority opinion on, well, anything. BUT, if there is any hope of this country once again looking like what I would like it to be, and any hope of our War Fighters once again being heralded as heroes and more important than the enemy they fight, or the ideologically defiled civilians they must operate amongst, it will only happen if those of us "who claim" to be Patriotic, Constitutionally Conservative Americans leave the couch and act like responsible, dutiful adults rather than like spoiled children - and vote.

I tire of hearing people complain between voting cycles, but then defend their lack of involvement in the one institution that might make our lot in life a little less miserable.

This is not a kindly reminder; this is a kick in the backside; get off the bloody couch and get down to the polling booth tomorrow and whatever other days voting is taking place, here in Maine and around the country!

It is your civic duty. It is then, your moral duty. It is the duty of the collective otherwise known as "the King"!
For too many election cycles now, the King has been absent his appointed place of duty; he has seemingly abdicated and left the throne to miscreants and criminals.

It is time for the king - the people, to get back to work and it starts by voting and selecting the best option; even if that best option is simply the least of two evils.

If you can't do it for any other reason, do it for our War Fighters!

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard