Monday, June 29, 2020

Obama's COIN War on Americans versus Russia's Alleged Bounty

On the question of whether or not the Russians may have in effect paid a bounty to Afghans to kill American Troops; I find it incredibly convenient that Democrats in Congress have found a sudden sense of righteous indignation for the abuse, mistreatment and killing of American War Fighters that was entirely absent under the Obama Administration.

For his entire 8 years as President, Obama abdicated as CiC over our entire War Fighting community having forced the hand of his complicit Pentagon and Joint Chiefs; placing a priority on the lives of foreign mus-lims in the battle space while placing American War Fighters at undo risk to the point of death - and incarceration due to the unrealistic and suicidal application of the historically failed COIN Doctrine.

1.      COIN, is a self inflicted, fatal wound ordered by President Obama.

2.      Russian bounties, is an act by foreign actors not precipitated by President Trump.

3.      The former is an act of Treachery or even Treason committed by a sitting President;

4.      The latter is a hostile act perpetrated by foreign actors.

Democrats in Congress have once again proven their only concern is for the regaining of absolute political power - not the well-being of the American War Fighter - or that of the security of the Nation!

Anyone buying into this newest narrative is either astoundingly ignorant of recent history - or complicit in this latest act by Congressional Democrats to turn public opinion in favor of a full-blown Socialist take over of government.

But make no mistake; concern for the US Marine, Soldier, Sailor and Airman, is NOT part of this latest Democrat narrative!

History and a long list of people like me who wrote incessantly on the subject of COIN's unmitigated, colossal, absolute failure as a battle space strategy; our meetings with Congressional actors, attendance on radio shows, speeches, travels and endless efforts afforded these same treacherous, Democrat plants the opportunity to understand the horror and historical failures of this satanic and homicidal strategy but they remained silent;

Because they, did, not, care; in the same way they do not care by this sudden seeming concern, for the American War Fighter.

This is not even about using the lives of War Fighters as pawns - we do not even factor into any vile equation they have assembled to further their is only about spewing a narrative in an effort to raise a furor amongst the equally ignorant Electorate and turn voting efforts to their demonic and treacherous goal of obtaining absolute power; given to them by an all too easily manipulated voting base.

I do not know if the Russian government or some rogue element within Russian government orchestrated or indeed promoted the killing of Americans by way of a Bounty; time will tell.

But I do know that President Obama, with his Democratic Congressional allies coerced the Spineless Joint Chiefs and G-Grade community into relenting to his twisted loyalties to foreigners, to then implement a Battlefield Strategy that has failed every single time it has been employed and has as a bonus, increased the American body count, and lost us anything resembling a Victory - or Resolution!

If you vote for a Democrat, you are a part of the problem - and no friend to the American War Fighter.

It is time to consider exactly what it is you believe in and what it is you hope to achieve by the casting of your vote.

To all those self-righteous "Conservatives" who intend to not vote or write in some other name as some kind of perverse form of political protest; you too are contributing to the probable future destruction of the lives of American War Fighters.

The Political, Moral and Constitutional battle lines could not be more clearly defined than they are this year; there is no ambiguity. There is only clarity of vision. Lives and the continuation of this Nation as a Constitutional Republic lay in the balance. 

Congressional Democrats with their situational ethics on full display this week with this latest accusation have most clearly established the battle line.

Which side are you on?

Semper Fidelis

John Bernard