Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ISIS is Just One Forward Element in a War Waged by Islam!

This is hardly a new issue for this President. For starters, he has been as deceptive about his relationship to Islam as all of this sitting government's reluctance to name Islam, the enemy. And even those who have dared venture into those troubled waters, have been reticent to suggest how we should proceed with each new iteration of Islam's blood-lusting assault.

Those discussing the ISIS/ISIL phenomenon, treat this particular viral infestation as a unique manifestation in much the same way they have treated every seemingly new but separate spawn of this agency of hell.

This aversion to naming the enemy has gone from frustrating to idiotic to damnable as those primarily entrusted with the security of this nation continue to squirm in their seats at the very prospect of questions forcing them to declare their rudimentary understanding of this seventh century scourge. For many, it is just as well they are not asked because their answers would make the strongest of us embarrassed to share the same gene pool.

That ISIS/ISIL is a blood-lusting and dangerous group of murderers is a given. If they make a threat - to anyone, they should be taken at their word regardless of how unlikely it seems they could carry it out. They have proven their resolve and, their resolve is tempered in the furnace of Islam. Denying this makes men in dignified political positions look like the three monkeys. Whatever else can be said about gaggles like this, their points of origin all remain constant; Islam.

So, if ISIS/ISIL, Ansar Al Sharia, Boko Haram, Al Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah ad infinitum have as their common denominator, Islam and if these groups can be traced back to Islamic nations who either intentionally or unwittingly (publicly speaking), spawned these groups, why is it so difficult to declare them Islamic? Because there are nearly 2 billion Muslims in the world and the majority of them are not "actively" involved in Jihad.

Using the incredibly sophomoric math politicians like to use, they come to their conclusions like this; "if it ain't got a bomb in a vest, it's a friendly". Of course most discerning people would be able to conjure up a list of questions to determine if this approach is correct and most, like myself have asked those questions and to a one, we have received the exact, same response; "These groups do not represent Islam, they are fringe", which neither answers the question nor suggests any depth of understanding of the networking required to carry out these attacks.

Even a cursory study of history and the related history of Islam reveals just how consistent Islamic adherents have been in their quest to honor their Prophet and their 'god' and to use the incredibly horrific methodology utilized for centuries to both drive fear into their enemies and to reap converts. Since the seventh century and the inception of Islam, there has not been one single shred of evidence to support the argument for "two Islams". At best, we can see evidence of those who have been stalwart followers of Mohammed and his doctrines and those who have shown themselves to lack the stomach for the fight. The latter group, being the largest segment has been erroneously labeled Moderate and even more aggravatingly, the True Believers of the True Islam without so much as basic study of the doctrines and the charts of abrogation detailing the changing philosophy, exhortations and admonitions delivered to Mohammed by the entity who identified himself as Allah.

It is this second group that is probably the most dangerous because men who are willing to pay for murder and torture, rape, incest, pedophilia, slavery and every other degradation man can consider are even more vile and more difficult to find, then those they willingly fund to commit these acts, in the name of their shared 'god'.

And this is the point; Politicians and upper echelon Military Officers alike have chosen to take the comfortable position of answering a manifest threat only, rather than seeking the origin of the threat for fear of angering the many and chancing alienating themselves from the feeble minded who cannot allow themselves to consider the possibility that a religion exists, with murder as a primary tool in the propagation of its ideology.

And so, this morally challenged President, his dhimmi Administration and his neutered upper echelon Staff Officers, continue to engage in this perverse game of wack-a-mole which does nothing more than bleed the resolve of the American people, the coffers of the country and the best of a generation simply because they lack the moral fiber to do the right thing and face the enemy which has always been at war with us, name them and hold them accountable.

So for those continuing to struggle to know exactly what these smaller cells represent, I will use very common Military vernacular to explain where they fit and how they should be understood on the battlefield;

All of these smaller cells are merely the Forward Element of the Assault on Humanity and the assault is commanded by Islam. The Main Body of the Assault, is, the Ummah. As the political geniuses continue to try and explain or understand how organizations like ISIS can continue to build in number, it is helpful if they begin to think of them in this way. It then becomes obvious that the "replacements/recruits" for the Forward Element (right now ISIS), would come from the Main Body or even a "Reserve" if seeing the Ummah in this light makes better sense, because the "recruits" certainly aren't coming from the Evangelical or Catholic Church and they most assuredly aren't coming from Synagogues. And being as they are at least marginally human, we can be sure they are not being beamed in from Mars!

Islam has written the Commander's Intent, drawn up the strategy, assembled the Army, taken to the field and is fighting while this Islamic mole of a President, his dhimmi administration, and morally defunct Staff Officers circumvent their sworn oaths to protect the Constitution and by proxy, the American population. They willingly cede the battle space to the enemy while providing American War Fighters as sacrificial goats for Allah, compelled to operate within untenable Rules of Engagement, promulgated by an antiquated and historically failed Strategy they simply refuse to let go….COIN.

Will this ever change? Unfortunately, only once the enemy has truly breached the gates and the American people are finally free to defend themselves.

Because this government is an abysmal example of how men entrusted with the security of a nation should respond to a most obvious threat.

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard