Saturday, October 10, 2020

Concerning the New York Post Piece; “Does Trump even want to win this Race?”

The deck has been stacked against Trump from the very beginning. The media is undeniably and eternally left-leaning.

Nothing is ever going to change that.

The true question is, are they against him because of his demeanor or because he is truly an outsider unwilling to play ball in their court, by their rules and yield to their masters?
Society continues its sluice ride toward totalitarianism/socialism/communism. It is the inevitable destination of an entitled, lazy, shiftless gaggle of cretins who choose "comfortable" slavery born of jealousy and covetousness over uncertain and thus dangerous Individualism; it is as certain as it is unfortunate;

History bears this out.

The only unknown is when the population will have gathered enough self-destructive steam to power this locomotive into the mountainside of obliteration.

The key component in this age old effort to destroy this Nation as enshrined in our founding documents, is the Education Establishment. Whether knowingly or unwittingly, Teachers and Professors have guided generations of students onto this self-destructive ride and made them soldiers in the effort - and those numbers are now past the tipping point. The Education system stopped teaching students “how” to think determining instead to teach them “what” to think, multiple decades ago. Anyone who sent their kids to college knows of what I speak, as they found out that the kids they sent, came back adults they hardly recognize sporting ideals they never learned at home.

Given that all Leftists show up at the Polls and that "Conservatives" have never been willing to circle-the-wagons and do likewise, there is apparently no way to civilly stop the transition from a society of Free Men, to a Gulag of Serfs governed by well-heeled Overlords.

This election is consequential because for the first time in my lifetime, the players on the Left have pulled back the curtain and made the details of their draconian plans known and laid bare their future vision. It is also consequential because for the first time, there is a preponderance of evidence indicating a majority of the electorate seems elated at the prospect of destroying what the Founders created 300 years ago.

We have been witnessing the entire machine of the movement in action; unfettered protests/riots, the full weight of the media, a virtual Gag on the Free Speech of those who oppose, the gaming of Presidential Debates by consistent use of Partisan "Moderators", the hijacking of Congress and it’s use as a bludgeon to destroy a sitting President, the infiltration of the Military O-Zone by Leftist Ideologues who are first trained in Leftist Colleges now openly seeking to unseat a duly elected President, et al, ad infinitum!!!
That American society is fractured, maybe irreparably so, is a given as we see families “torn asunder”, once again; the razing of civil discourse, the intolerance to competing ideas, the annihilation of customary societal mores, the unprovoked attacks on individuals in the street, the complete loss of fear/respect for Law enforcement, the lack of recognition of the sanctity of the Family and Life at all stages starting with the most vulnerable.

I have engaged in political commentary for decades, but not until these past 12 years have I become increasingly more concerned about the Voter, than the Candidates. We have arrived at a time when we can no longer assume the Voter(s) will display wisdom and good sense to arrive at the best Candidate to carry out the Oath of Office which first, demands they Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States.

Those days are apparently, gone.

The new Majority Voter Vision seems to be a rush to demolish the entirety of the Constitution and astonishingly, to their own peril.

So as I consider the New York Post piece entitled, “Does Trump even want to win this Race?”, I am keenly aware of two things; First, that the writer, editor and the paper, all lack any sense of reverence or respect for the Office of the Presidency and, Second, that I can’t help but think President Trump is fully aware of the insurmountable odds he is facing.
I wonder if Conservatives – of all stripes are yet ready to lay aside differences of opinion to join a united effort to delay what seems inevitable, and gain us a few more years living under the umbrella of Individual protection granted us by the men who preceded us; who sacrificed their families, their lives, their fortunes that their progeny might live as Free Men with the Divine Right to Self-Determination?

Elections past and conversations present do not give me any comfort as the divisions amongst us seem as unhealing as the division between Constitutionalists, and the Anarchists.

November 3rd and 4th, will be very telling. In the meantime I pray for that Businessman from New York with the crass manner and bully personality who thus far has thwarted the efforts of the DC machine to own him.

After all; that is why we voted for him to begin with!

Semper Fi;

John Bernard