Friday, June 6, 2014

Obama's Current Moral…Sorry, Political Dilemma: Bergdahl versus Tahmooressi!

President Obama has a spectacular, seemingly supernatural gift; the ability to always be on the wrong side of every issue. His innate sense of how to alienate, separate, divide, anger, polarize and mystify will astound students of political history for the next millennium.

Not only does he seem to intentionally select positions which polarize and divide, he seems to take pleasure in doing so.

This week it was announced that he had secured the release of Bowe Bergdahl, an American soldier who is at the least guilty of walking away from his combat post in Afghanistan. Obama couldn't help himself but make a public spectacle of his latest achievement by inviting Berdahl's parents, including an apparently spiritually conflicted Father whose answer to his Son's predicament was to ensconce himself in all things Islam. The Father went further than simply learning the culture but chose, rather, to delve into the dark abyss of Taliban teachings and the Pashtu Language.

The official reason for his bizarre transformation from hardcore Calvinist to a mere philosophe of the recalcitrant Taliban was a desire to portray a penitent and contrite, if not dhimmi spirit so as not to raise the ire of the 7th century, demonically possessed serial killers holding his son.

This however, does not explain his Arabic utterances and praises to Allah on the lawn of the White House, given his Son had already been released and was being treated in an Infidel hospital in Germany. It also doesn't explain President Obama's groans of approval upon hearing the elder Bergdahl's supplication to the demon, Allah.

This entire episode has been made even worse with the knowledge that Bergdahl junior may not only have left his combat post, defined as desertion in another era, but may in fact be shown to have collaborated with the enemy by the time the investigation is finished; this of course is assuming President Obama and his loyal minions don't intercede on his behalf, compromising the JAG investigation, first.

All of this would be difficult enough to digest if it wasn't that another American War Fighter, an actual dyed in the colors of the Flag, United States Marine, Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi has been languishing in a Mexican prison for months simply for taking the wrong, unmarked exit off a US highway, forcing him into Mexico by error. And make no mistake about it, none of the twice deployed, combat veteran's fellow Marines would have second thoughts about declaring him an honorably serving United States Marine.

So where is President Obama or his State Department on this case of a United States war veteran's unfortunate circumstance? Who knows. They have been silent on the subject for the entire two months Tahmooressi has been tethered like an animal in that third world hell-hole.

Of course let's keep this in perspective; Tahmooressi is a United States Marine and by all accounts, not a Muslim sympathizer. He is a gun owner and most importantly, he is jailed by a government whose citizens are allowed to cross the southern border of the United States - without so much as a handshake in the hopes they will become good, DNC members and vote for, well, who knows, maybe a future Presidential hopeful like, Michelle Obama.

Enter General Stanley McChrystal; an American General who never met a Muslim he wasn't willing to sacrifice the Sons and Daughters of Americans for, a la, the historically failed and miserably contrived battle stratagem; COIN (Counter Insurgency Doctrine).

According to this disgraced Army G-Grade Officer concerning Sergeant Bergdahl; "…“One of the great things about America is we should not judge until we know the facts. And after we know the facts, then we should make a mature judgment on how we should handle it.”…Mature defined as; "whatever is politically expedient for my lord and master, Barrack Obama…"

If the good General were as concerned about the welfare of American Warfighters as he publically declares he is, he would have thrown his support behind Tahmooressi long before going public with a statement about Bergdahl, supporting Obama's latest manifestation of situational ethics which led to the release of five of the worst residents of the Gitmo Bay detention center.

At least there is consistency and consistency, is good. If the General had thrown his support behind Tahmooressi, he might never have been printed in Yahoo News and, it would have given the rest of us something to consider. It would force us to consider whether our earlier assessments of him, as nothing more than a not even marginally imaginative political Officer, was a tad off center.

Yes; consistency is good.

However, now that the Islamic Soldiers, the Islamic converts, the current, morally compromised President and his loyal if not sullied dhimmi General are all satisfied, there remains one last bit of business to take care of; an honorable Marine being held in a third world detention center for doing nothing more than attempting to visit friends some two months ago.

His sin?

He took an unmarked exit, by mistake which corralled him across the Mexicican border; the same border by the way, through which multiple millions of Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hondurans, Islamists, Drug Runners, Jihadists and every other form of degenerate are allowed to pass through, without scrutiny and with the tacit approval of this President, his appointed staff, the entire membership of the DNC and many members of the GOP.

And while he continues to languish in a prison just across the border from his country which he ironically, swore to protect, his government and leading members of the military, laud the "accomplishments" of a soldier guilty at least, of desertion and most likely, collaboration with the enemy; an enemy that continues to take the lives of America's Sons and Daughters.

In a world where everything has been turned on it's head, it is good to see consistency however. It is good to know that pure evil cannot help but maintain it's genuine appearance.

It helps us maintain balance. It helps us remember who we are, what we swore our oaths to, our nation, our country, our families, our hope.

It forces us to remember that voting - or refusal to vote, reaps consequences.

For the sake of Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, for the sake of all honorably serving American Service Members, remember your minimum duty to your country and cast your vote.

In the meantime, call your Senators, your Representatives, your Media outlets, the State Department. Speak to your Church congregation, your Friends, your Family.

This Marine should not have suffered for two weeks, much less two months and he certainly should not have taken second seat to a combat deserter!

Semper fidelis;

John J. Bernard