Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Double Minded Justice; Sgt Larry Hutchins ordered back to Prison.

If denying Air and Artillery support to our Forces as they are under fire is a reprehensible act, prosecuting those same Warriors for 'war crimes' against an incalcitrant and murderous band of thugs is the very definition of an evil and satanic act. Sgt Larry Hutchins and seven fellow Marines and Corpsman were convicted of plotting the murder of an Iraqi man in Hamandiya in 2006. Let us remember that our Warriors have been fighting an enemy that is hard to define, treacherous and motivated by an ideology that promotes, recommends and idealizes ritual murder. Let us also remember that this enemy does not wear a uniform and represents no flag, no nation, no people. They kill, maim and destroy to pacify their deity.

What makes this case so astoundingly evil is that the upper echelon chain of command and in fact the entire federal government of this nation has placed the lives of this squad and by extension, the lives of every Warrior, beneath the lives of the very people they were sent there to confront. While the lives of these men were being judged by Courts Martial, other Officers, sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, had been ordered to review the cases of hundreds, if not thousands of civilian clad murderers and to consider whether their words of repentance are sincere enough to allow them to return to Afghan society. There were similar acts of insanity in Iraq where holding these ideological murderers accountable was and is still deemed unnecessary and even injurious to the overall mission.

The incoherency of the strategy to pacify those who do not know compassion has become the calling card of all in federal government and upper echelon military circles. If trying to explain the apparent blindness to the reality of this enemy and these battlefields as an act of career preservation, is unpalatable, trying to explain blowing second chances at redemption for the despicable miscarriage of justice in this particular case defies all rational - or irrational explanation.

Sgt Hutchins had already served four years for what will always remain questionable. Parsing acts of war and preservation from deliberate acts of murder on the battlefield is tricky at best. Charging him with murder, dragging him through the system, handing down an eleven year sentence, releasing him after four years due to inconsistencies in his defense and then sending him back to prison should be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

The problem is, this government has dual loyalties; one for those who cast votes to place them in office and a greater one to the world community and most especially those all too willing to remove American heads from torsos.

Judging this squad's acts on the battlefield that day, holding them accountable as though they were 'back on the block' surrounded by reasonable people and as a consequence destroying their lives for political gain or international respect is something that will be despised by all nations and all men when history reveals it for what it is.

While we are watching the political circumstances in a dozen nations evolve before our very eyes and in a way that is highly unlikely to be friendly to us, we are, as a nation, destroying our own military prowess in profound ways. If anyone in the legal system or the government as a whole thinks that destroying the lives of young American Warriors is somehow going to make us safer or send the correct message to our enemies, you are deluded!

The men and women of the American Armed Forces this government continues to abandon and actively seeks to destroy are in fact the very definition of honor while the actions and inaction of the bureaucrats and morally depraved legal community are their antithesis.

To those of you daring to seek office in 2012 be warned; anything short of clemency for all of our Warriors languishing in prisons for the benefit of political cowardice, will not be acceptable.

If you don't understand this single point; stay home.

The American people don't want you and our Warriors, can't afford you!

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard

Monday, February 14, 2011

Paul Hair Interview

I was approached by Paul Hair who writes a column with the Daily Caller (, about three weeks ago. We agreed on an exchange of e-mail messages with Q & A to complete it and Diana West was kind enough to run it on her Blog, . For those who may have missed it or who may be interested, please follow the link back to Diana's Blog.