Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Afghanistan; Understandable rage or Unacceptable Behavior?

There have been many in the media, in politics and in the upper echelons of our military structure who have been “grappling” with this question; at least they would like you to believe that. The fact is those who seem to be trying to make sense of the events which unfolded in the wake of the revelation that certain “holy books” were treated disrespectfully, by American Service members, arrived at their “understanding” long before these events occurred.

James Carroll wrote a piece in which he appears burdened with this question and tries to relate the anger felt by the “noble” Afghan and, really, Muslims everywhere by comparing the Quran to the Consecrated Host at a Catholic Mass. He even goes as far as to suggest the Quran is seen by the Muslim in the same way Jesus is seen in the eyes of a Christian. This attempt at equating the reverence for the Quran with either was Mr. Carroll’s effort to cause us all to understand why the events we have watched intensify in the past week might in fact be justified.

Nice try!

What he failed to do in his piece is also relate what the corresponding response would be by either Catholics to the desecration of a Consecrated Host which they believe, through the process of transubstantiation, is changed in substance to the body and blood of Christ. He also failed to relate what the reasonable corresponding response would be from the rest of the ‘reformed’ Christian church. And because of this sleight of hand or unfortunate omission, his piece dares to define the actions of the “noble” Afghan or the devout Muslim as understandable.

The fact is, these kinds of violent responses are anathema to the Christian faith, Christian texts, the Bible or mainstream Christian teaching – worldwide. In fact, the kinds of responsorial actions one can expect within traditionally taught Christian circles to injustice toward the Church is corporate prayer and forgiveness.

So what have we learned from the events of the past week. First; we learned that neither the “noble” Afghan nor our American “leadership” is interested in the truth or telling the whole story. If they were, there would not have been any apologies but an explanation of why these books or papers were destroyed, that being they were desecrated by Islamic EPW’s. Our leadership would have insured that the “noble” Afghan’s “reasonable rage” response would have been directed at the EPW rather than our Service members who, frankly, destroyed these texts, unceremoniously as is recommended within Muslim circles.

They would have responded to the unhinged, barbaric, stone aged actions of the “noble” Afghan with appropriate reciprocity. Being as we are all in the European style “peacekeeping” mode, they would have sent out teams/squads/sections using proper riot control techniques rather than issuing endless Mea Culpa/ Nostrum Mendum on bended knee to any and all Muslims on the planet while buttoning up the bases and FOBs, nationwide.

What we have seen instead, is the opposite and the corresponding responses to these efforts of prostration have been more violence, 4 US troops and Officers murdered, food prepared by the “noble” Afghan for our troops, poisoned, at least one fragging of a base, a suicide VBIED, additional Afghan civilians killed and, oh yeah; a British cemetery in Libya, desecrated by more “noble” Libyans who felt it appropriate to desecrate the dead of a country who recently aided them in their efforts to secure “democracy” in that country. Remember the whole Arab Spring phenomenon that was going to revolutionize the Arab world and make the whole world a more vibrant bowl of fragrant cherry blossoms?

The fact is what we have to look forward to in our future is even less hopeful than it was a week ago and it wasn’t looking very good then. All of us watching the debacle that Afghanistan has become, have been warning that the situation there would only degrade faster as the mission changed from combat to admin and training. Once our illustrious leaders here determine Afghanistan to be stable enough to no longer consider it a combat zone (they have already arrived there mentally) and safe enough to change course, the conditions would deteriorate rapidly. Those remaining behind to train the “noble” Afghan Police, Army, Administrative Government and other interior governmental agencies would, essentially be left in the den of the wolf for disposal at his whim.

We are getting a glimpse of that right now!

Our “leadership” dares to justify the nonsensical actions of this 7th century gaggle to the inconsequential destruction of a few books – regardless of their nature, as justifiable. This in itself tells us as Americans all we need to know about the unhinged, asymmetric, illogical and ignorant nature of the people we have entrusted with the security of this nation who presently inhabit the DC beltway!

For those happening onto this conversation late in the game know this; it is not all right, understandable, culturally difficult to understand or reasonable that men, in this late century act out as untamed animals upset over the unintentional or even intentional destruction of books that can be replaced for pennies!

For those of you who still have Sons, Daughters, Husbands, Wives, Cousins, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters, Neighbors who have been compelled by this incompetent and apparently, impotent government to serve in a land that contains not one shred of sanity, it is time for you to act – while you still have a loved one to act for!

They are not being utilized for the better of the United States or the protection of the Constitution of the United States. They are being abused by the ignorance of lesser men who no longer have the capacity to recognize their mistakes, their ignorance or their responsibilities to their country or their solemn oaths!

It is time for you to cause those you have elected to represent you to again understand their proper place in this society.

And that place is not to better the plight of a people who hate us just because we live!

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard