Monday, November 1, 2010

'How Do You Like Me Now'...

A few days ago, Stratfor reported that the Iranian government had been funneling money into the Karzai government through Karzai's Chief of Staff, Umar Daudzai. In the early days of the story, both Harmid and Umar denied the funding and the Iranians denied giving it. That was October 24th.

On October 25th, the Iranian Embassy in Kabul formally denied the report that Tehran sent cash payments to Umar, calling the report “ridiculous and insulting,” Later the same day, US State Department spokesman Philip Crowley released a statement that they (the administration, presumably), were skeptical of Tehran's intentions........????

On October 26th the Iranian government acknowledged (of course) sending regular installments to Kabul also stating that the payments were for Afghanistan's infrastructure so that the foreign [devils] would no longer have a reason to stay in Afghanistan.

Apparently Tehran didn't get the same memo the Obama administration apparently missed; the one stating that our intentions for being there were for reasons of US security and not Afghanistan's need for a face lift to it's infrastructure. I wonder what kind of 'infrastructure changes you make to rocky goat paths through the mountains..?

By November 1st, Karzai was promising to release details of the universally denied 'financial aid' given to Afghanistan by Iran. In the meantime, the silence from within the DC beltway suggests someone there is trying to figure out how to handle the inevitable questions from the media - should they ever decide to get off their collective backsides and try to connect the dots (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan) - the New York Times effort aside.

Diana West wrote an exceptional piece on this that I hope all will read. But the truth is that there is yet an even more chilling prospect and one that suggests much, much more than simple international intrigue and a shared hatred of a common enemy. Let's not forget that Iran's version of Islam is particularly virulent. Their disdain for the United States, Israel, Jews and Christians knows no bounds and their willing adherence to the more troubling aspects of their doctrine make them a clear and present danger to us.

When you consider the clever doctrinal mentoring they afforded Al Sadr in Iran earlier this year and his consequent sudden interest in 'working with' Maliki - and Maliki's sudden interest in working with Al Sadr, it is clear that we are very close to seeing the emergence of yet another Islamic theocracy. When you couple Iran's new found sense of philanthropic kindness toward Afghanistan with their concern for Al Sadr's religious condition, it is hard to not see a cohesive plan. I mean, does anyone really believe the Iranians are only concerned about the 'infrastructure' in Afghanistan?

While this has been unfolding, Karzai made it clear that he intends to follow through with the shutting down of all civilian security agency business in Afghanistan leaving every foreign civilian contract worker virtually unprotected. Needless to say, every foreign contractor presently working and those looking forward to fulfilling future contracts in Afghanistan, is reconsidering their stake there. If there isn't any guarantee of protection for the work force - there won't be a work force. And our answer? Diplomacy...sort of.

With BO's eyes now firmly set on the rapidly approaching campaign for 2012 and the likely-hood that today will result in a watershed movement away from the 'throne of grace' at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it is highly unlikely that the White House is going to suddenly develop a new found zeal for American Security. The need to bring our involvement in Central Asia to a fast close is job number one - regardless of the outcome; the spin doctors can work out the details and spoon feed the American population in the next few months.

It has been clear, since the beginning, that our elected 'servants' have been far more concerned with appearances and the impression we would be leaving on our 'global neighbors' than they have been with national security. Every effort they have pursued with vigor amounts to a first aid kit and an ambulance service. No one would seriously define what this batch of 'servants' have been doing as preventative.

Projection of Force and the Fear of annihilation, is preventative as well disciplinary. You want people to stop an activity, let them know they will pay a price for their abhorrent behavior. Threaten their lives and then be prepared to follow through. All we have told these 7th century thugs so far is that we have a lot of money to burn and that our Warriors lives are not all that valuable to us. Incidentally; that puts this government on par with our Islamic enemy. Our Warrior's lives are of zero value to them as well.

The Islamist, however, does experience fear. We, have the capacity to provide them with that experience as well as affording them the opportunity to test their belief in the existence of their deity by meeting with the Deity who awaits us all!

A couple of tankers of chitterlings and fat back would help too...

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard