Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Today's Mis-Direct Flavor? Boko Haram

In one of the latest examples of the inability of writers, the media and politicians to clearly define our current enemy, Nick Cohen, writing for "The Observer"  makes an impassioned plea for the safety of some two hundred and twenty Nigerian girls, seized by one of the more current and infamous forward elements of Islamic Jihad, Boko Haram. For starters, these girls are Christian and from a predominately Christian village in northeast Nigeria, called Chibok.

What I will agree to is the insulting, narrowly focused Obama Administration which has bent over backwards, seeking asylum for children and families of Islamic origin while unconscionably ignoring the plight of beleaguered Christians in places like Homs, the Coptic villages of Egypt and now, Christians once again being brutalized by the Devil's forces in Nigeria.

By the end of the Observer piece, Cohen quotes a Peter Singer who allegorically describes an apathetic world community, unwilling to secure the safety of a drowning child for fear of ruining expensive clothing. For Cohen, the self-involved and well-dressed, neer-do-well stranger in the allegory, is the collective westernized cultures who are not willing to fund organizations which purport to be helping these people.

He also misses a salient point; the name "Boko Haram", translates as "Western Education is Sinful", ie, everything western is tainted and sinful because most western cultures are not Islamic. So, he castigates westerners for not giving western funds to largely, western charities, to transfer to a region ostensibly controlled by Boko Haram fighters who, by their very name, denigrate - and hate Westerners. It is probably also lost on him and others that these children were taken, largely, for dabbling in western cultural ideas…like giving.

Let me clear this up for him and anyone else listening who is similarly confused; It isn't that people don't want to help. It is, however that people don't trust the true abilities, competency and veracity of those claiming to help - especially, governments. It has been proven, over and over again that these organizations which have been established for the reported purpose of aiding the afflicted, waste money at a rate slightly less than our infamous governing body in Washington DC. To add insult to injury, they are headed by CEO's or even committees stripping those donated funds to feather their grossly incongruous incomes and retirement packages.

Honorable people claiming to help don't generally ingratiate themselves in this most obscene of ways. They do like the rest of us do - they donate their time and energy and yes, their incomes! But it seems the majority of the leaders of these "charities" are simply establishing a comfortable business position and fattening their resumes.

The average person gets tired of hearing about these abuses and eventually gets the message; "give at your own risk". For Christians taught to give, there is another exhortation, to be good stewards of what we have, insuring we are using our gifting, talents, materiel - and money, for things which will bear fruit. Giving money to organizations or supporting efforts of government, blindly, out of emotion driven reflex is not only likely to run afoul of that command, but here on earth, is likely to do little more than create an income for people not properly focused.

It was also discouraging to see Cohen added to the endless list of people displaying the same aversion to accuracy that this government has regularly; he seems to lack the courage to define the literal enemy in this story looking instead to rail against a microcosm; Boko Haram.

The enemy, is Islam and Islam's soldiers in their war against all of humanity, are Muslims. Until courage, common sense, theological and historical accuracy are returned to the discussion, you will continue to find people reticent about giving their hard earned money to people and organizations of dubious intent.

Additionally, the world government and the governments of nations saying they would help, are not truly focused on the true definitions of this enemy and as such, seek to treat Islamic combatants with "human dignity", giving them the same deference reserved for honorable men, donning the uniforms  of sovereign nations.

These "people", these Islamic terrorists, these "True Soldiers" are at best, stateless bandits; at worst, agents of Hell. They deserve no quarter nor should they be afforded any. They should be slaughtered where and when found, their bodies desecrated and placed in a burn pile with the rotting remains of swine.

The Ummah needs to know beyond any shadow of doubt, that to seek Allah's Paradise through death by prosecuting Jihad, will reap them an unclean and meritless death and an enemy with the tenacity of a dog with a bone who will locate, close with and destroy them until they repentantly crawl back under the Rock from whence they came.

Until these conditions are met, Mister Cohen needs to redirect his rhetorical cannon at the true enemy of compassionate giving; the politicians and those self-proclaimed agencies of mercy.

Come back when you are ready to truly help both these girls and so many others brutalized by the satanic doctrines of Islam because there are multiple millions of us prepared to sacrifice and to do what is necessary in order to stop this scourge upon the earth.

We are not, however, simply going to feather the nests of not even remotely imaginative thieves just because one frustrated writer decides to insult the very people who truly want to help!

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard