Thursday, November 15, 2012

Is BengPetAllen…"Gate" related to Afghanistan? Its Closer than You May Think!

What a difference just a few days can make. Just a day or so before the election, the White House was still grappling with exactly how to categorize the coordinated attack by members of Ansar Al Shariah on the US compound in Benghazi. Apparently, the 52% of the voting block in the US who chose to keep the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for another fun filled four years isn't concerned about that. In fact they are not apparently concerned with any of the inconsistencies in our foreign policy.

Yes, inconsistencies; policies that are inconsistent with the traditional and constitutional vision of US national security. If someone wants to try and convince me that wasting the precious blood of American War Fighters for the benefit of another people, in another land, who are taught from birth to hate the great western satan is either rational or patriotic; have at it! So what does this have to do with revelations of David Petraeus's extra-curricular activities?

Absolutely nothing! And that is the point!

Unfortunately, it took an attack on a small, unprotected compound in Libya which ended with the death of two Bureaucrats and two genuine, American Heroes, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods to cause the dead in DC to even consider that something might be wrong. Why? Simply because it hit close to home. No longer were those who were betrayed nameless, uniformed,  men and women from towns with obscure names. The two principals killed in the coordinated attack launched by Ansar Al Shariah on the anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Towers in New York City, September 11th, were, for all practical purposes, kin.

They were of the DC crowd and the DC crowd takes notice when their own are threatened.

But what the media - all the media, the vast majority of the DC crowd and most Americans seem to have missed is that the very same foreign policy vision that caused the attack in Benghazi, is that which has been killing American Service Members and ISAF forces in Afghanistan! But as with all things, the squeaky wheel gets the attention; and DC can be very squeaky when the carnage they have caused hits too close to home.

Precisely what the motivation for the attack in Benghazi was, we may never know. The reason we may never know is because there was something else, something sinister going on behind "the curtain". Theories abound but what we do know does more than simply suggest something untoward was underway in Libya. Whatever that thing is was deemed so important as to cause the White House, its entire administration and appointees to agree to leave Stevens, Smith, Doherty and Woods to die. The fact is, it was determined acceptable that all in that compound that night should be sacrificed rather than let whatever the secret is, come to light.

I say this with conviction because several calls for fire support were placed by those besieged in Benghazi that night. I say this because the White House watched the entire episode unfold - all 7 hours of it, from cameras mounted on UAV's which had been launched, presumably after the attack began, to "monitor" the attack.

Why hasn't the media asked these questions?

1. Where were those UAV's launched from? How is it that they were on site so early in the attack?

2. If someone had the wherewithal to launch UAV's - and use them for surveillance/monitoring, where was the same determination to defend Americans on sovereign US soil?

3. Why was AFRICOM, General Carter Ham, replaced within weeks of the attack? The story about his order to deliver supporting fire on the mortar which killed Doherty and Woods, only to be countermanded is said to be inaccurate. And yet, this curious timing of his replacement is supported with statements that only generate more questions. Keep in mind that most posts are three year assignments.

An authorized statement released to the press was that there was no way to know with certainty what was going on in the compound that night. It was even intimated that fear of collateral damage was a concern.

Sound familiar?

Really; a rogue element attacks sovereign US property and its Ambassador and we're worried about collateral damage??

Do you suppose this sitting President who watched from his "War Room" as Americans and his appointed Ambassador were being attacked would be as concerned about "collateral damage" if that kind of attack happened in DC? I think not; but again, that would be too close to home!

One of the theories being floated is that the administration had authorized the movement of arms to Syrian Rebels (without Congressional approval), being shipped first to Turkey. In fact we know that Stevens met with a Turkish emissary just a couple of hours before the attack.

Does it strike anyone as strange that an American Ambassador to Libya would leave the consulate in Tripoli, travel overland, some thirteen hours away, to meet with a Turkish emissary? What business could an American Ambassador to Libya possibly have with a Turkish emissary, anyway? Why not meet with him at the consulate? If it was legitimate Embassy business, again, why would he do that business some thirteen hours away in Benghazi, rather than in the US Embassy…in Tripoli?

Could the operative word here be "legitimate"?

This brings us to this latest round of stories involving two men entrusted with prosecuting the war in Afghanistan; men who hold the lives of America's Sons and Daughters in their hands. Men who have subverted better judgment, ignored history, zealously expunged vital information about the enemy from training curricula, who continue to force America's Sons and Daughters to patrol in streets known to be littered with IED's. These men, who force better men to forfeit their lives based on a confabulation projected by their CIC who is infatuated with all things Islam. Men who select controversial and historically disastrous strategy to force our War Fighters to operate under simply because their Commander in Chief has determined that Afghan lives are more valuable than the Sons and Daughters of American families are morally reprehensible! Just because something may be lawful by man's law does not mean it is so by God's law. Knowingly placing another man in jeopardy of losing his life or physical well-being when you have the knowledge and the ability to prevent it, is a crime whether or not our morally challenged bureaucrats consider it so or not!

David Petraeus has been caught in the act of Adultery. I know of enlisted Marines who have been charged with adultery, tried by Courts Martial and kicked out of the Marine Corps with an Undesirable Discharge for being involved in the very same thing David Petraeus is allegedly guilty of.

I am not here to pass judgment on David Petraeus or General Allen (should those allegations prove to be true), for essentially a sin against God but to remind people that it is apparent that these acts were committed at the same time men were being slaughtered by "friendlies", being forced to operate within the untenable guidelines of COIN - a strategy Petraeus selected and Allen rubber stamped.

And now, the White House is allowing the moral failure of at least one man to distract Congress and the American people from the greater travesty which is this government's complete failure to give fire support to Americans who were under siege and who this President watched die!

There is nothing that can be uttered that can justify this conscious decision to not use the might of this nation to defend the lives of Americans - ever! It is clear that this President and his appointees have deemed "some thing" of far greater value in an environment where there was nothing of national security concern that would dictate that. There were no legitimate national security secrets that needed to be protected, which is made obvious by the unusual absence of an MSG (Marine Security Guard) detail.

No, there is nothing that will ever justify the inaction of our "leadership", that night. But there was consistency in at least one area: The narrative was protected "at-all-cost". The inexplicable and costly determination to protect the Ummah at all cost remained intact. Once again, this sitting President and his entire entourage proved their willingness to cause American deaths rather than chance a stray round that might injure or kill "an innocent".

King David had an affair with a woman and then ordered her husband, Uriah, be placed in harm's way to insure his death. David was guilty of adultery and then murder to cover it up. But unlike David who repented, President Obama remains obstinate and intent to continue covering his many sins against the very people he has sworn to defend.

Apparently, David Petraeus has learned more from his "liege" than David or David's God.

The American people made it clear that they want this kind of Presidency. But elections have consequences. The most costly consequence of this election is the continuation of policies which place men at undo risk, for an ungrateful people. We have high ranking Officers who sully their names, their uniforms, and bring pain to their families.

As a bonus, Congress unwittingly masks far greater sins by turning its focus on the personal sins of men and a single incident which shines a light on the greater problem. Unfortunately, they remain blinded to the reality of that greater problem.

And 52% of the American people remain blissfully unaware. Heck; they'll be getting free IUD's and government paid tuition.

Why torture yourself with troubling things…