Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Afghanistan; Continued Subterfuge in the Ranks of our New 'Allies'

Stratfor, The Washington Post and the Washington Times have all released stories detailing the few facts known in the deaths of another six (6) American Servicemen killed at the hands of their Afghan 'students'. Although a complete picture of the killings won't be known for a while, what should be even more clear is the high level of uncertainty that exists when dealing with a people who are ideologically opposed to our living.

This particular 'police officer' had joined the Border Police apparently with the intention of using the first opportunity to kill 'the invaders'. He got his chance. Of course the Taliban were all too willing to use his deed for their own ends; to raise the morale of Islamists everywhere.

Understanding that the realities involved in properly screening applicants for these kinds of positions are uncertain at best, there is absolutely no doubt that we will continue to see these kinds of covert attacks the longer we are there and still unwilling to see this enemy as he sees himself..

At least one of the variables would have been taken out of the nation building equation if we had, from the beginning, been willing to address the role of religious ideology as a motivation for these people. The fact that this is the only 'mainstream' religion that includes ritual murder/ethnic cleansing in it's doctrines of propagation should have given even the most liberal thinkers in this government pause when considering how to deal with each and every encounter with each and every aspect of the population there. Ignoring this element within the assessment of the overall population and the 'enemy' was reckless and negligent.

The blood of the these latest Soldiers is on the hands of the civilian and upper echelon military leadership of this country. Willful ignorance of an obvious threat is not only not a defense, it is in fact a knot in the hangman's noose.

Should anyone yet have questions about the true intentions of Karzai coupled with the ineptitude of our own State Department, they should consider the latest action by Karzai to release yet more jailed militants . While I quite frankly don't care how Karzai, his interiors ministers, police or military choose to handle problems within the borders of Afghanistan, it should be a concern for each and every American as long as American Servicemen are exposed to the obvious dangers in releasing known thugs back into the mainstream of Afghan society where our men are actively patrolling. Let's not forget; these dirt-bags were apprehended because of their active and passive roles in killing Americans.

How exactly do we justify expending American blood to bring these Islamic thugs to justice only to release them again knowing there is a very good chance they will kill more Americans?

Our newly elected representatives are going to have an opportunity to show their true colors in just a matter of days, really. The time between the closing of this session of Congress and the beginning of the next, when they will be given the controls, is their chance to learn from their new peers and reflect upon what they truly believe. If they believe they were elected to take charge of this failed policy of placating an unrepentant enemy and are willing to change direction, the fratricide defined as American leadership killing Americans, may end. If they decide the only reason they were elected is to fill the pockets of a selfish, self-centered population, then this will continue and the great GOP sweep of 2010 will evaporate by 2012.

Our newly elected hopefuls should be forewarned; no matter how selfish and self-centered the American population might be, they aren't going to tolerate much more blood-letting for the benefit of a people who have sold their very souls to Satan and who are not afraid to assess us according to our politically correct and cowardly leadership. If there could be a sin that is greater than abortion, sending Oath-bound Warriors onto a battlefield with an uncertain battle cry, led by political incompetence and willful negligence, is undoubtedly it.

As you approach your new and lofty chairs, in the Dark City my counsel is for you to do what your predecessors failed to do:

Nosce Hostem!

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard