Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our "Allies" and Enemies are More Forthright than Our Leadership!

In the war of ideologies, there is no more frustrating battle than the battle for truth. In the battle for truth, there is no more frustrating effort than trying to enlighten the hard-headed. Our enemy has been telling us for decades who he is and what his intent is. He has shown us over, and over again that he is committed to defeating us and has used every means at his disposal to that end.

In just as frustrating a fashion, our leadership has seen fit to ignore those facts as if seemingly to  muse; "oh, you're just funnin' us!". As discussed here in the past, the Pentagon actually hired an expert on the subject, who delivered a message that was apparently "too much to bear" and who was summarily fired for his effort. As this operation ages, two things will continue to be  true; one, the ROE will become increasingly tighter and deadlier for our troops and, two, that Stephen Coughlin's warning about Islam was dead-on-the-money!

Even as we have watched our Afghan allies turn their weapons on their trainers - our Warriors, on a seemingly regular basis, we have chosen to discount those reoccurring incidences as aberration rather than heed them as omens.

Andrew Bostom sent me the link to a story that should cause the "see-no-evil" stalwarts in our government to question their "faith in all mankind" attitude. After the latest incident that left yet another American contractor working for the CIA dead from gunshot wounds, Waheed Mujhda, of the Afghan Analytical and Advisory Center in Kabul was quoted as saying:

"This is a big security concern for the Americans and it shows they can't fully trust their Afghan staff. But the Americans never want to accept that there are serious trust and cooperation issues and they have encountered that in their security operations with Afghan forces."

Also keep in mind that recently, the Taliban claimed not only collusion with the Haqqani network but that Haqqani was in fact Afghan. This is important in that our intelligence has them slipping back and forth across the Durand line with one of their last, missions being the attack on the American Embassy in Kabul. Add to this Admiral Mullen's admission/allegation that Haqqani has been working hand-in-hand with the Pakistani ISI, and what you have is a particularly virulent enemy with the backing of a legitimate state agency - a country we have deemed an "an ally" in the "war on terror". It seems we may have to declare Pakistan a terrorist haven instead!
This story ties the Pakistani's directly to the killing of an American Army Major just moments after a meeting with Pakistani officials, in 2007, in Teri Mengal. As the story states, the reasoning seems to be for revenge. How that mitigates the egregious nature of the attack on Americans by a presumed "ally" is beyond my ability to reason as is Washington's intent to keep it quiet. What is clear, is that the nature and scope of the enemy is more publicly obvious now than it has been for all of these last ten years.

Will the American public finally begin to realize this and hold this government more accountable? I guess we will see in the next 15 months.

A better question is how our intelligence apparatus could have so completely screwed up the analysis of what is so complex a threat? Or is it that our intelligence agencies have been ignored or their reports downplayed in an effort to massage some unholy alliance either with foreign players or with internal minorities? What is certain is that more reports and evidence of collusion between those we have chosen to trust and our "enemies" is surfacing by the day.

If there is a glimmer of light emanating from down the long hallway of insanity, it is that some of our agencies, at least, seem to be planning for what is apparently not politically palatable - or correct. This FBI training video, while dry, makes it clear that the agency understands the threat to be larger than the small cells our politicians seem to be focused on. Even the British have been forced to face the reality of working with a duplicitous "ally" and a report to that extent is strongly recommending each and every British Soldier working with the ANA or ANP - be armed…You think??

Of course if one can apply Newton's Laws of Motion to the seeming randomness of actions from within our government, then you would need to find an opposing force to the FBI's apparent epiphany. One need not look further than the DOD's Defense Science Board Task Force and their report dated April 25 2011. From the report, page four:

 "…the final report of the DSB Task Force on Defense Intelligence, Counterinsurgency (COIN) Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Operations study. The Task Force was asked to identify how Department of Defense (DoD) intelligence can most effectively support COIN operations."

So for all of the studying, daily revelations of collusion between state agencies, Islamic militant groups, cross-border operations and a dissipating confidence in the trustworthiness of the ANA and ANP recruits we are training, COIN support appears to be alive and well - regardless!

What's that old adage about beating your head against a wall?

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard