Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Analyzing Egypt's "Wondrous" Transformation!

Does anyone still remember when the proponents of the "Arab Spring" erupted with glee over the prospect of a 'blossoming democracy' in the midst of tyranny in Egypt? How about the thunderous applause and shrieks of adulation when the 'rebels' in Libya so bravely took on the hordes of Khadafy's hell hounds?

Does anyone remember the support from the West for the Muslim Brotherhood and their even-handed and reasonable concern for the poor and abused masses in both of those countries? Do you remember the Muslim Brotherhood's declaration that they were not interested in political power but only for the breaking of the chains of tyranny in Egypt?

Is anyone still alive that can recall Egypt's population being defined as "secular" rather than ideological? Can you recall the elitist academics declaring that Christians and Jews had nothing to fear from the hope of a burgeoning democracy in Egypt? If you can't, then maybe you can remember that many of us warned that what would emerge from the ashes of a crushed Mubarak Regime would be nothing short of a foreign policy nightmare for the United States, U.S. citizens and the West in general. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist candidates won 42 of the 52 individual seats contested in runoffs for the first stage of Egypt’s multiphase parliamentary elections.

Are you feeling good about the seers and academics who promised you Roses and Doves in Egypt now?

Many of us had commented that their (Egyptians) first act as free men would be to cast a vote that would drive them right back into slavery but this time to a Sharia centric theocracy. This democracy, such as it is, is proving to be everything we do not want and that the nation of Israel doesn't need on it's border. What is proving to be true is that the general population in Egypt is far from Secular and is in fact as ideologically motivated as any of the worst of the Islamic populations in the region.

You think not? Then you will have to explain why the people of Egypt used their one vote to elevate the ideologically driven Muslim Brotherhood to power rather than seek a more moderate or secular representative government.

In the meantime, Libya's NTC is still struggling to determine who will "guide" that country toward "free" elections. They can't even agree on who should remain armed and who should lay down their arms. Tunisia is concerned about the armed factions on their border, the NTC is being led by a known Al Qaida Operative and an undisclosed number of surface to air missiles are still missing. We haven't even been told which country supplied those missiles or which generation of missiles they are. What we do know is that an undisciplined gaggle of "rebels" were provided air support by the United States and allies; air support which, by the way, has been withheld from our own forces in Afghanistan, to help soften up Khadafy's forces even though we knew they had Al Qaida operatives in their midst! And now; missiles which could further jeopardize Americans operating in Iraq, Afghanistan and possible Iran in the near future, are "missing".

So a question remains; to what level of inanity is this administration and our legislators going to be allowed to stoop to before the American people wake up, and shake up the status quo? Current polling suggests more of the same. Those rising in the polls in the GOP are known "insiders" when what is truly needed is someone who is not beholding to any specific interest group or who has any baggage that needs explaining.

What we need is a "Servant". Someone who actually understands in the depths of his soul that political service is a divinely endowed gift to serve those from whose numbers he has been called. Someone whose primary focus is the preservation of this nation, as it was envisioned by it's founders and who-will-not-falter in carrying out the very specific and narrowly defined mission embedded within the words of the oath taken at the inauguration ceremony.

Can anyone out there tell me who that person is? I can tell you the gentleman who currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is not he. The current resident is clearly beholding to those who would, with zealous rage, destroy the seat and substance of this nation. But I can also tell you that I do not see, in a single candidate, one whose focus is to keep the vision of the Founding Fathers alive or who is primarily concerned with the welfare or it's citizens. I have not heard a definitive cry to eliminate the Income Tax. I have not heard an unquestionable intent to defend these shores and the citizenry from foreign pestilence. I cannot discern among their number a single man who understands that when Americans are in harm's way, the priority of the day is their well being and victory for their mission!

So while we watch two more abysmal failures of foreign policy vision unfold before our very eyes in the very much touted "secular" Egypt and another in the ashes of Libya, we should be asking ourselves what is for us a defining question; Are we determined to demand a man who will in fact deliver to us the country and governance envisioned by our Founders or are we going to settle, once again?

The fact is; our true servants, those who from among our number have elected to jeopardize their lives, their future and our posterity, continue to languish in a sand box filled with demonically inspired forces, led by the uninspired who are dictated to by men of ill intent, voted into office by the American populace. This-must-not continue!

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard