Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tea With Terrorists or 'Leaking' Tea?

The latest rating lifting hope of the media is the Wiki Leaks of the now infamous 'Afghan Diaries'. Stories are already making their way to the airways, written by ideologues drooling over the prospect of finding 'the smoking gun' that will bring down one political party or the other. How predictable. Equally predictable are the lead-ins opening their new stories. At the top of the list; the possibility of 'war crimes'. The great hope of the left and the confused conservative to find yet one more American Warrior to charge with some crime (whether trumped up or not) and then throw into the bowels of the penitentiary system.

Of course, the secondary concern is for evidence that may actually tie the Pakistani government with the Taliban. Herschel Smith covered the legal/ideological motivations for leaking these diaries today. Again; I can't disagree with any particular point he has made. He is right that Wiki owners have their own political agenda and American sovereignty or safety be damned. Those papers would never have been leaked during WW II or at least the culprits would have found themselves dangling from the end of the hangman's noose.

The question I have for the media in this country in general is: Can anyone in this country truly say; 'I am an American' and actually begin to know what that means? I wonder why or even when Nationalism became an evil concept or is it just being loyal to the United States that is so disdainful? And even if you hate the United States (as apparently your Australian counterpart does) - your country, why do you hold our Warriors in such low regard? Why are you so prepared to hang our Warriors on the first suggestion of 'wrong-doing' without even the slightest desire to give them what the Constitution guarantees; the benefit of the doubt? And since when does treachery by an 'ally' take second seat to the far-fetched possibility of a war crime possibly committed by our Warriors.

Let me help you with this; If the Pakistani government or any of its agencies are guilty of collusion with the Taliban, that has and is costing Americas Sons and Daughters their lives. Would you like to look an American parent in the eye and tell them that is a 'secondary concern' in your estimation? Second; if an American Warrior were in fact guilty of a 'war crime' it would absolutely be a singular act - not a conspiracy rising to the level of an Ally giving aid and comfort to a 'common enemy'.

Yes; the Pakistani government, the Pakistani people, the Afghan, the Iraqi, Iranians, Syrians, Lebanese, Libyans and I am sorry to inform you; some Americans actually hate us and side with the Taliban over us. Their commonality? They are Muslim. Islam, again, requires submission to Allah. As soon as we get that straight, the hostilities will end. Are you ready, Julian Assange, to submit? Are you prepared to be the reason the world gets to enjoy yet another 1400 years of abuses and insanity by the demonically possessed?

How about opening with the now released official details of the travesty of the operation gone wrong in Ganjgal which cost four good men their lives? As it turns out, what we already knew to be true is now official fact. The very Tribal Elders that the unit was there to protect colluded with the Taliban and told them when the unit was to return. When the unit got there they stepped right into the middle of a heavily armed ambush. What? The story is not as wonderful as the one with the far-fetched likelihood of war crimes evidence nestled in the pages of your ill-gotten diaries? (By the way; for those of you who do not have an account with Marine Corps Times, you will have to wait until Monday for the hyperlink to work).

Or how about the story with possible evidence of sedition in Investors.com? Doesn't quite rise to your level of excellence, huh? No American Warriors to take down here, just the possibility of a sitting President being at least embarrassed if not investigated. For those of you who have not seen this, you need to read it. By the way, the connection in this story leads to the very door of The Muslim Brotherhood; the preferred advisory team of the White House and apparently, the Pentagon.

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard