Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Dandy Week in Barracks ‘Excellent Adventure’

Well it was another fine week in the ‘Excellent Adventures’ of American leadership. There were so many new reports and revelations that it was hard to know where to begin so let’s begin by forming a list: (most of the links will have to be copied and pasted in the search window)

1. MJG was kind enough to send me this gem; we now know that funds have been made available and were distributed to Mullahs and Mosques for the improvement of existing Mosques and the building of new ones. There was no hint in the story that these were for war reparations and if they were; it would be too soon for that anyway.

2. The Taliban is declaring victory due to our closing the outpost in Nuristan that was attacked on October 4th. The outpost has been slated for abandonment for quite a while. 9 Soldiers were killed, several ANA killed and dozens (missing?). There are conflicting stories about how many Taliban were killed.

3. Kevin Cullen of the Boston Globe reports that Laith al-Khazali a leader of Asa’ib al-Haq (Iranian backed) was released by the United States in an ongoing effort to achieve reconciliation with… I’m not sure whom, in Iraq. It is worthy to note that he is responsible for the deaths of at least 5 American Soldiers.

4. The coveted Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to President Barrack Obama; praise his name!

The story of the United States Mosque building efforts is not brand new. This has been going on for a long time and is probably couched in the language of war reparations. The problem is; the war is not over and, the enemy has been using these mosques, regularly, from which to launch attacks on our Warriors. I won't go into the apparent conflict with the 1st amendment of the US Constitution here although there is much to talk about. The more glaring problem is that we are building hardened bulwarks from which the enemy can launch attacks on our troops. Have we lost all understanding of how to wage war? You don't build emplacements for the enemy, you destroy everything they can use and deny them ground. Want an example? Look at Berlin circa 1944-45 or the waning months of our battle with Japan. By the way; Both Germany and Japan are now leading economic and manufacturing powers in the world. I don't think we are likely to see that in Afghanistan anywhere in their future - with or without their US built Mosques.

The Taliban declared victory over the 'infidel' in Nuristan after assaulting two American manned outposts there last week. The two outposts were slated to be closed down as part of Gen McChrystal's new 'protect the populace at all costs' strategy which includes pulling back from territories of marginal value (marginal value as defined by population density). Of course our US leadership told the whole world, including the Taliban, what our plan was and the Taliban exploited that piece of intelligence and planned and executed an attack on those outposts (from a Mosque) and eight American Soldiers were killed in the ensuing battle. Closing these outposts does not mean we are abandoning the province or the region. The fact that closing the outposts had been in the works for quite some time negates any claim to victory especially in light of the fact the Taliban paid a high price (some reports say 100 Taliban dead) and in the end, gained zero property. Never-the-less a question should be asked; why is it Lcpl Schmuckatelli can't tell Mom and Dad back home where he is or what he is doing but the highest ranking officers in the US military can share sensitive information with the enemy - like when we are going to shut down an outpost? I don't suppose it crossed their minds that they were party to those US deaths?

We, as a nation, have allowed a sickness to creep in called a lie. This lie has been propagated in the school systems through the use of revised history. The lie is pervasive and essentially paints the United States and its citizenry as incredibly evil people who have imposed their evil on the innocent peoples of other nations. The result of decades of this kind of indoctrination is self-loathing. It is not unusual for someone to seek redemption once they discover their sin, and elements within the United States have spent their lives trying to ‘make up’ for the sins of the past. This week’s example of this was the release of Laith al-Khazali in Iraq. He is not a soldier, nor an elected representative of his people. He does not expound on the virtue of peace nor has he developed a vaccine for cancer. He is a murderer. He listened to and believed a lie and that lie grew into something insidious and he acted on it and because of that at least 5 American Soldiers did not return home to their families. In an 'act of reconciliation', the upper echelon of our own military released him back to his family. Match that to the plight of Sgt Larry Hutchins who kidnapped an Iraqi civilian (he suspected of aiding the insurgency in his area of operations) and subsequently shot him in the head. He is spending 15 years in prison for murder. The parole board recommended leniency and a reduction of sentence but earlier this year, Donald Winter – a man with ZERO military experience and a member of the Bush administration and now the Obama – denied the recommendation. Reconciliation you say?

The Coup de Gras was the announcement out of Norway that President Obama was being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course, everyone, including the President himself is questioning why he was chosen. I don't expect him to turn down the honor however. In fact this is just more justification that he is 'all that' and more. A friend of mine had called and lamented this fact within hours of having heard but, I told him, he should be encouraged by the announcement. The fact is that the committee has been awarding individuals of dubious accomplishment for years and it has become clear, from the 'progressive mindset' segment of society. This is just the latest in a list of ludicrous selectees right behind Al Gore, Jimmy Carter and Yasser Arafat, et al. Al Gore of 'the sun is falling' fame and Jimmy Carter of 'let's wring our hands and beg the Iranians for forgiveness' fame (1979).

I am going to ask those of you and your friends, who voted for this current administration, how do you like them now? Not only did you vote for someone with NO resume; you did it with religious zeal; and don't fool yourselves, you displayed classic worship. This man, Barrack Obama, was declared to be 'our Savior' by none other than the Reverend Al Sharpton himself. Fringe you say? How about the refrains from those young angelic voices in the public schools that sang (and still do) praises to 'his majesty'? Remember the latest refrain; 'Barrack..Hussein..Obama. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm'. It is time for you or your relatives and friends to wake up to your sin. You voted for a man who received and did not deny the devotion reserved for a deity. There were tears of joy flowing at the inauguration and now, there are tears flowing at the gravesides of men and women of the United States Armed Forces who are being slaughtered by our own government's complicity in the war plans of our enemy; Barrack Obama's hand selected appointees.

How long can a Nation last whose leadership values the lives of the enemy and foreign civilians above that of its own military? To those of you who have called, e-mailed, and blogged your concerns about a loved one in the military looking for information or hope, I say this; be very, very, afraid. Then you need to get up, write letters, make calls, blog, e-mail, and do a song and dance on the street corners to get the word out that this current strategy is wrong. You need to reflect on what God you believe in and I pray it is the one true God. Then you need to educate yourselves on the true nature of this current enemy and the insidiousness of his religious ideology and understand that any strategy that does not include chasing him and killing him with ferocity, is doomed to fail, politically. You also need to take a stand are you a citizen of the United States of America; or a world citizen? It is time to stand up and be counted.

Until next time; this is John Bernard reporting from the top of the country while we continue to chronicle the amazing exploits of “Barack, Hussein, Obama. Mmmm, Mmm, Mmm” and company.

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard


  1. Kinda strange to pin Shrubya's Excellent Misadventures In The Middle East on the new president.

  2. Actually I had something more contemporary in mind; from the movie 'Bill and Ted's excellent adventure'. I think I like yours better.



  3. I am a navy wife just recently aware of your blog as well as the extremely unselfish sacrifice of your only son. My prayers go out to you and your family. It is hard enough to send my husband out to the sandbox for months at a time, I cannot imagine sending my son... I can't say that I agree with your views on the president, I do however agree in total with your views on our current military situation. We are not fighting the enemy of old who makes himself clearly known. We are fighting an enemy who hides behind women and children all in the name of "Allah". We cannot wage the same type of war as in the past with our adherence to the Geneva Convention... our enemies do not. While I do believe that we must be better than those we fight... we cannot sacrifice our men and women all in the name of maintaining a higher moral ground. My father, a 3 tour Vietnam Vet , maintains that they were forced to fight with one arm tied behind their backs...have we not learned anuthing from that war?

  4. Well, I, for one, DO agree with this father's opinion (on his tragic loss!) This current administration implied that "If we're nice to them, they'll be nice to us".....HUH?! SOMEONE in D.C. should acquaint themselves with the 7000 year history of these barbarians who live & lust to kill! Either permit our soldiers to fight as they are trained to do or bring them home!! The Geneva outlines are obsolete & our young soldiers are being "sacraficed" on the altar of ignorance, stupidity & arrogance. What worked in "Chicago" is NOT going to work when dealing with tribal mentality left over from the 6th. century!! I have just lost my son also, but due to hospital negligence. None-the-less, I fully KNOW the anguish & pain this father is enduring when experiencing the loss of one's child. There is no greater agony that will be borne for the duration of this man's life........

  5. Funny how our parents' generation -- you know, the one heralded as "The Greatest Generation" by Tom Brokaw -- carpet bombed whole cities with no regard for civilian life ... and yet no one blinked an eye.

    Now, facing a brutal, patient and relentless enemy, we're granting quarter and protecting their buildings, their lands and their "civilian populations".

    My son is still over there, trying to survive with the cards stacked against him. May God protect him from the idiocy that has overtaken our country.

  6. I served 10 years (age 17-27) in the USMC as an airwinger. I achieved the rank of SSgt. As I got older and started paying attention to "politics and the world" I realized how truly screwed up things are. The world has a U.N. that is suppose to uphold the rules and laws set up by the members. The U.N. has not held up there side of the agreement at all. The U.N. wants the U.S.A to be the police of the world and we are the "bullies" in many civilian communities across the world.

    When Iraq invaded Kuwait who did they call? U.S.A. When we went in and kicked their butt the first time the U.N. ask us to hold short. Then they asked us to fly "operation northern watch and operation southern watch". The agreement was for Iraq to let the inspectors in when and where they want, and to not fly or target our aircraft with radar. How many times did Iraq kick out the inspectors? Probably the same as Iran and Korea. The difference is Iraq had an agreement with the U.N. that said it would do certain things. They didn't so the last time Iraq kicked the inspectors out Pres. Clinton sent the George Washington Battle Group to the Persian Gulf so the U.S.A. could have 2 battle groups in the Gulf. That was in 2007. Starting in April of 2008 the U.S.A. started bombing Iraq because our planes were being targeted by radar. We lost a good pilot, Marine, Person, dad, to a midair collision. How many people and how much money were we going to spend before we said the heck with this and finished the job? I am glad we went into Iraq and kicked but and Saddam is dead. Pres. Bush could have told me I want to kick their butt and I would be okay with that reason. After we went in and kicked their butt the brilliant ones in Washington and the ones wearing the stars said we have new rules of engagement. That is when we started loosing a lot of lives. Let's face it both the Army and the U.S. Marine Corps are KILLERS not POLICE. That is what the U.N. is for. My friend is a M1A1 Abram Tanker. The first time he was over their he was in Faluja when they cleared it. They used all their weapons. The second time they went in they had to call for permission to use their main gun. They were there in the city to "show Force" aka be sitting ducks.

    Now that we are focusing on Afghanistan again we are seeing the same thing. Let's go back in history a little though. This whole region has been at war for thousands of years. The good old U.S.A. has only been around for a little over 230 years and they hate us already. How long does everyone think they are willing to fight us??? We gave them the weapons to fight the Russians. Those same weapons are now being used against us. Now let's look at the region. Iran and Pakistan. Iran is dangerous but at least we know that and understand where it is coming from. We let Pakistan hide our true enemy because they were "allowing us" to use there airbases and such for supply lines. Remember when someone said you are either with us or against us??? I DO!!! I have a solution for the Afghan war and killing the people hiding in the mountains. Go Nuclear. if the blast does not kill them the fallout will. If that is not good use chemicals. Sure that would ruin the countryside but guess what.... It would work. Pull everyone back and use our weapons. They don't want to fight fair.... then so be it.... If the U.N. wants to cry foul tell them to shit up or put up. If they cannot handle Korea, Iran, or Africa tell them to pack sand like all those countries.

    For everyone who doesn't share my view I really don't care. I am tired of seeing stories like these. Politicians LIE warriors fight. Go sing coom by ya somewhere else because the enemy will kill you while you sing.

    Let them fight or bring them home!!!

  7. John, I'm aware of and am so sorry for the loss of your, son and applaud your speaking out with recommendations for improvement of military tactics in Afganistan to protect our troops and that the shift in emphasis should return to just dealing with Al-Quaida and associates, and etc. Thank you for your courage. You have given valuable feedback. I just have to say a word about your bitterness directed outward toward our President and his Administration, or anyone else for that matter. This sort of thing hurts others by fueling their personal vindettas, but it hurts you as well. Bitterness lodges in us if we cannot find a way to forgive, and that creates a feeling of separation from God and his precious Presence in our lives. The body starts to reach with illness, and we dig ourselves into a ditch of resignation, overwelhm, and hopelessness. Don't let yourself pay that price. I pray for Divine restitution in you and over your your life, mind, body and affairs, and all your relationships, which includes yours with your son, because that loving relationship can never be destroyed, and that you will come to know the Grace of God's Presence and Power in a much deeper way than before. I pray for your release from these deep negative feelings so that you won't let yourself be drawn into and become part of the separation and insanity that many of us see in the world. Please know that if we look at something too long, we tend to become like it, and how does that help? Blessings. My prayers are with you! Elizabeth James

  8. Please accept my family's prayers for your irreplaceable loss. We'll pray for you, as we pray for all those serving.
    My HUSBAND,SON,DAUGHTER AND BROTHER ARE all ACTIVE DUTY. 3 MARINES,1 AIRMEN.Our son is in Afghanistan w/2/8. Please Stand for All Our Military Members, We their family's will stand with you.Our Miltary men and woman are fighting two wars one on the battlefields and the other with a politically divided country. The leaders of The United States of America forget our Constitution was the direct result of War and COMMON SENSE. The same for the Geneva Convention. Our government has shown they are extending our Laws and Respect to MURDERS. They have given them havens in their Mosques,hospitals and cities. Where are our son's and daughters safe havens? 9/11 has shown us whom we are dealing with yet our government leaders are so corrupt and so Power Hungry that they continuously place the rights of Murderous Zealots above the safety of our children,husbands and wives. Our Politicians are as guilty of murder as these terrorists every time they place the safety of these barbarians above our country's most Patriotic Members.The terrorists are laughing at our divided political parties and our stupidity. Sir if you chose to lead a March to DC, or however you chose to allow us to stand with you on behalf of our Country's Finest, I am sure you will not be surprised to look behind you unable to count those who want our country to UNITE on Behalf of our Military and all of us who are much the poorer for the loss of men such as your son. Semper fi Please know we are here. Together we have to start building our military the proper support ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE THEY ARE SENT.
    Kerriann Proud USMC,USAF. Wife and Mother

  9. my heart is with you, john. stand your ground. your positions are rock-solid sound. stay strong and resolute both despite of and due to the Administration's dissing of you. you and your son represent the best of the United States, while those who are currently (and temporarily) running things pay lip service to our protectors in theater and those who truly and honestly support them in the original mission, to destroy the enemy who wants you Islamic or dead. period. bob

  10. I think the "extremist" comments prevent you from being heard, John.

    You need answers to legitimate questions, and the tail-end of what you write gets a bit too emotional to *not* receive emotional feedback instead of rational, well-thought-out answers.

    I've only read a few things you've posted, but you start out well and go off the deep-end afterward. I completely understand why, but I think it's detrimental to your (our) cause. I cannot begin to imagine what it's like to lose a son in such a shitty situation.

    As a former Marine, I agree with you completely. Our job is to overwhelm, destroy, adapt, and overcome, regardless of odds, and politics are NOT our business. Police have to deal with politics, not Warriors like us. Warriors do whatever it takes to kick the enemy's ass and come back home to the country we love and are willing to DIE for. Police don't want to hear a gunshot in their lifetime. Politicians aren't willing to die for SHIT.

    Please, America. Bring our boys and girls home. Our best and brightest are being sacrificed for no logical reason whatsoever, and it's hurting our country for it.

    Lets get our reputation back.


  11. BTW, I voted for Barack. Let's not forget who started this "war on terror" in Afghanistan and took it to Iraq just to make the rich richer, and the poor (HELLO, Military families), poorer (or DEAD). I'm all for supporting the military fully, but Dick Cheney is a complete asshole and doesn't give a shit about our troops and their families. In my opinion, having served, every single AMERICAN CITIZEN is my family.

    The job was never finished and will never be finished because of political influence. Our troops, plain and simple, NEED TO COME HOME. This has been an artificial war against an invisible enemy. That's reality, folks.

    Don't make it political. Our best and brightest are at stake. BRING THEM HOME. Bomb those fuckers from a computer monitor in Texas.

  12. First, let me express my sympathy for your loss and let you know know that you are being remembered in my prayers.
    The war in Afghanistan is a no-win situation. The new ROE are a farce. No one, including Alexander the Great, has ever been able to win in Afghanistan. Their culture places more importance on family, clan, and tribe. They have never had a history of a central government.
    As a Vietnam combat veteran, I see too many parallels to that war and failure to apply lessons learned to Afghanistan. Either go in to kick Taliban butt or get out.
    Charles Balent, SSGT, USA,ret'd

  13. 1st Sgt Bernard:

    Allow me to express my condolences for the loss of your son. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

    I am glad that people with uncompromising integrity still exist in the United States.

    I am hoping we can bring some of that uncompromising integrity to the enemy by fully committing ourselves to the war effort. There are only two options in the ideal full effort:

    1. Pull all the way out. Not a little bit of troops over 10 years and continuing monetary aid for the next century. All the way means all the money and all the troops/gear/equipment starting right now. Having all the troops home would be a nice way to regroup and discard losing commanders. Ceasing monetary aid would also be a nice crippling blow to the enemy and their supporters. In fact, we should be the ones demanding war reparations for all the time and training lost over the last fifty years. We can start with harvesting all the raw resources in Afghanistan before China gets them. But that is for another discussion.

    2. Smite the enemy. Again, this is a concept of 100% commitment. This is not accomplished by killing 1-2 insurgents with drones for the next 14 years. Rather, it is the dropping of tactical nuclear bombs on Waziristan and flattening mosques and homes known to harbor enemy personnel and gear. Enemy compounds are enemy compounds. It would only take a few incidents of mosque and house (mud hut) flattening for the enemy to stop using them for fortification. If "civilians" are tolerating or even supporting Taliban insurgents in their midst they are also the enemy. We can classify them as support personnel, like cooks and admin. We don't need their support to secure our borders. Rather, we only need Afghan civilians to be more afraid of us than the Taliban.

  14. John;

    Amen. The Bible says; 'Fear is the beginning of Wisdom..' The fact is the only thing these people respect is force and fear. They have been projecting it since the inception of Islam in 610 AD. Jihad is not an innocent, soul searching endeavor it is holy war against the infidel and is a core tenet in the Quran, used nearly 40 times.

    We have lost our moral courage because we have squandered teaching the truth in history classes for decades. Academia sold out to the forces of evil in the ninteenth century and have finally achieved their ultimate goal; American self-loathing. If a people hate themselves; how can they ever justify waging war? If they don't understand the purpose of war; how can they know how to fight it or when it is won? If our 'leadership' is infected with false teaching; how can we expect them to make the right decisions? To the last item the answer is that they are responsible for their sloppy leadership in the same way you are responsible for breaking laws in a jurisdiction you are not familiar with. You can't claim ignorance of the law and we will not let our 'leadership' get away with claiming ignorance of historical fact. They will pay in 2010.

    You need to read the book, 'Legacy of Jihad' by Andy Bostom. It is the most comprehensive volume on the subject I have seen to date.

    Semper Fidelis;

    John Bernard

  15. In 1968, my dad, LtCol William T. Davies wrote a poem. You cannot imagine how out of character this act was for him. He was, however, at the lowest point in his service during the Vietnam War. Probably the lowest moment in his life. Fourteen years later, while packing for a move, he shared it with my mother and I when he handed us a tattered piece of paper hidden away in a drawer. It said:

    I cry, for I love my country,
    I long for her peace and for mine,
    I would willingly die to preserve her
    For the future of all mankind
    Lord, God what is happening
    to the land of the free and the brave?
    Are we bound to the ways of the Romans
    or shall we live in the way you have
    Help us, Dear God, take our hands.

    How prophetic. This man was, like many others the consumate patriot. He understood that war is war and sacrifice is imminent, therein. Now deceased, I wonder what he would think about what we have become as a nation and people. I am sure he would be disgusted.

    My son, now a 2nd year Army ROTC cadet in college is definitely an apple not far from the tree. The son of a career Air Force Officer, nephew to a career Army officer and Marine officer is committed to protecting his country and to a life of service. I am terrified that he will be serving at a time when our politicians are completely out of touch with the realities of war. Out of touch with reality in general, for that matter. Our sons and daughters are serving under an embarrasing group of idealogues who are completely out of touch with mainstream Americans in every way. Simply reading a few of the right history books could set them straight on everything from social reform, economics or how to fight a war effectively. I wish they had the same compassion for their own sons and daughters as they do for "innocents" abroad. I pray... constantly ...and thankfully to a power far higher than our government or I would have no peace.

    My heart breaks for your loss. It is made more difficult by your complete understanding of the dynamics of the naive decision making which goes on in Washington. You are all patriots of highest honor and I fervently pray that someone will listen to you. I pray that prayer not only for our country but for my son.

    Rest in peace all those who have served well and made the ultimate sacrifice. Your selflessness will be honored in heaven.

    With love and blessings,

    Lynn Davies Pittman
    October 16, 2008

  16. 1st Sgt Bernard please accept my condolences on your loss of your son.Being a marine grunt vietvet circa 67-68 1st Marines, I know what it was like to lose friends, but cannot begin to fathom the depth of losing a son . Especially when such numbnuts are running our country.
    There are a good many of us who have been silent for too long. That is all changing . The tea party's were just a preview. Time to kick*** and take names.
    To Lynn Pittman-- I know your Dad would be disgusted, and rightly so. I also think he would be more concerned for his country now than he was during the viet debacle . Those pot smokin radicals of the 60's have evolved into a very dangerous threat to this country. Do you think ol dad would have believed a firefighter could be fired for displaying ol glory?