Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paying the Jizya, Defiling the Soul, Wagging the Dog

You have to wonder when someone is going to ask the obvious question; Why is Barrack Obama so interested in the welfare of the Afghan people including the welfare of the Taliban? It isn't difficult to understand General McChrystal's actions or Sec Def Gates, for that matter. They are just doing their boss's bidding. Political appointments are exactly what one might assume them to be; a form of political 'nepotism'. It is a sort of political incest where you continue to reproduce yourself by insuring those you appoint think exactly like you or are, at the very least, willing to compromise their very soul for you and your vision. Of course nothing is done without a price and it will require a little time to find out what the cost of one's soul is on today's market.

This week there was a meeting in London to discuss the future of the Afghan war, the welfare of the Afghan people and the Taliban, reintegration of the Taliban with the Karzai government and what all willing nations were willing to pledge in 'support' for the rebuilding of Afghanistan's 'infrastructure' (such as it is). The amount will certainly be in the billions. It's good to see that the Islamic tradition of the jizya tax will remain intact and that there are so many willing leaders of the nations of the world still understanding the necessity of subjugating their entire populations to theology and jurisprudence of Islam. It's also good to know that what they started almost 1400 years ago will not be a wasted effort. Of course, India was not invited to participate because they don't share the same view of the Taliban. Read this piece:

Just as an aside; there were several American deaths in Afghanistan this past week , at the hands of the very people we are now intending to 'forgive' and elevate to world power. I won't spend too much time on that because we already discussed that in the last piece and after all, our government apparently believes those lives to be a minor inconvenience in light of the wonderful events that they are now instrumental in bringing to fruition; the rise once again of the Taliban to power. Here are a few examples of what your government deems an appropriate price to pay to turn our enemies into government officials:

How blind must you be to think any of this makes sense on any level? In any case what does it take to understand the simplicity of an oath taken? All oaths taken by citizens of this country that deal with national security say essentially the same thing and are sworn before the same entity; God. This means that you intend to carry out the elements of your oath (which are pretty specific in scope) and understand you will incur the wrath of a Sovereign God should you fail. Again; for those who missed it the last time; AFGHANISTAN, TALIBAN, ISLAM, PAKISTAN, THE UNITED NATIONS, THE EUROPEAN UNION, et al, are not included in your oath! You are sworn to 'support and defend the constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic;' as are all of us who have taken that oath (which has no 'sunset').

It's hard to believe that there are still those who believe that COIN is a viable strategy for a largely 'Christian' force to employ in the midst of an Islamic nation where the 'Insurgency' is home grown, home supported and that we are also actively working with to 'mainstream' and elevate to power?!

I once had a dog that chased his own tail - incessantly, to what avail I have no idea. I don't know if he had any idea what he was going to do when he finally 'caught' it but I do know it was going to be painful. Bad analogy? I don't think so.

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard


  1. Jizya is a 'poll tax' that non-Muslims pay to Islamic authorities for living in their 'land'. Payment of this 'tax' exempts the payor from military service. Taxation and conscription are two functions of the modern national government. Even if the laws of that government agree, this issues has historically triggered many wars.

    Please note how 'land' is also a national issue. Islam has no 'land' nor 'waters' to defend any more than the Catholic Church defends a building that is located in New York or Paris.

    Islam has great difficulty with acceptance of the authority of the modern nation-state. Wars are typically the result of these types of issues and we are seeing conflict all over the Muslim world in part because of these issues.

  2. Joe;

    You are correct but those 'lands' were largely lands gained during conquest and the conquests were largely due to Mohammed's follower's intent to spread Islam through conquest. Those peoples/nations/lands who agree(d) to submit were accepted as brothers and their lands added to the glory of Allah. Those who cho(o)se to retain their religion, 'agreed' to contract with their conquerors and submit themselves to Dhimmi status and pay the Jizya.

    An argument is then madethat the Jizya or poll tax was and is nothing short of protectionist payments or extortion. It is in this manner that I am applying the use of the term in describing our willingness to submit to demands by various Islam countries for payments to 'improve' their lot in life in return for safety. Now while that may not be the publicized reason for the 'investments' we are making, it amounts to the same thing.

    It all boils down to whether we are ever goping to again assert our sovereignty where it is necessary to secure our safety.

  3. Joe;

    Also keep in mind that the entire world is Allah's and all unbelievers are interlopers ad as interlopers (as far as the Islamic community is concerned) worthy od dhimmi status and thus the poll tax. My point (I think you actually got) was that it appears as though we are willing to volunteer a payment that has the appearance of the poll tax in that we are bending over backwards to 'reach out to a community of people who, if they had their way, would kill us all or force us into dhimmitude and to pay the poll tax.

    We as a people either have no understanding of the history of Islam or we are cowering or something incredibly devious is afoot.