Thursday, April 15, 2010

Representative Walter Jones, 3rd District, North Carolina; a possible light?

The fight over the Rules of Engagement has, for some of us, become a defining factor in this war. As we have discussed in the past, a war should only be fought if the enemy faced poses a clear and present danger to the security of this country and it's people and then, only if we have the courage to see it through to victory. Under the current 'management', our country has not only seemingly lost an understanding of this simple concept but has in fact chosen to sacrifice the lives of our Sons and Daughters on the altar of Islam. These rules are in place to, ostensibly, prevent 'collateral damage' to the civilian population. This murderous ROE, however, virtually guarantees the deaths of our Warriors while equally guaranteeing the safety of the 'enemy' (Taliban). Any President who dictates any, ANY rules that place the welfare of foreign nationals above that of sovereign US forces on the battle field of a justly fought war is arguably guilty of murder. His oath, the oaths of his appointees, the many oaths taken by the men, women, enlisted and officers of the armed forces and virtually every other armed force and elected office in the land, demand the very narrowest of focus on the security of the Constitution of the United States which defines and guarantees the 'life, liberty and pursuit of happiness' of the citizens of the nation for which it is written; the United States of America. The high courts and men of questionable integrity can make something else of it if they want but you can't fool all of the citizens of this nation. Some of us actually give a damn.

As those of you who have been reading this blog and others know, finding a man or woman with an innate sense of service and courage in DC has been trying. However, a few weeks ago, I received a call from a Congressman from another State who not only shared his condolences with me for the loss of our Son, but expressed his outrage over the ROE and anything that may be demanding it. Two weeks ago, he wrote a letter to Congressman Skelton, the House Armed Services Committee Chairman. In that letter he requested a hearing on the floor of Congress to discuss the ROE. He was promptly told the ROE was part of a secret directive that could not be discussed publicly and the hearing was denied. This is incredibly outrageous if not laughable because the enemy knows our ROE and exploits it with regularity. We know in fact, that they have modified their tactics (like any decent force will) to meet this new opportunity provided them by the upper most military echelon and civilian leadership of our country. The fact that the vast majority of our elected 'servants' in DC have failed to demand an explanation just further reflects their complete lack of competence, specific concern for this country and their complete disconnect from this war and the plight of our Warriors.

With almost magical timing, General McChrystal, ISAF Commander, has demanded a review of ROE from his top field commanders in light of a recent incident where some civilians were killed on a bus in Khandahar Province this past week. The inference is that the ROE will be made yet tighter and will be zealously enforced. Add this to his latest restrictions during the battle of Marjah when two 650 pound rockets killed 10 civilians as well as a pull-out from Korengal Valley because the presence of American troops had become an irritant to the civilian population and you have to wonder whose side he is on? This war - any war we fight as Americans is suppose to be for our security; not that of others. It is the only thing that makes the taking of lives on a battle field just in any sense. If we are looking for a completely 'sanitary' war where no one but combatants are killed, we are going to have to move the physical elements of the conflict to an uninhabited planet in another galaxy! But while we're searching for that planet, I would like to remind those with a functional conscience, that it's the best of this American generation that is being sacrificed for an as yet undefined mission (under this administration) and for another people.

Be not disheartened though, for if one man can display enough courage to swim against the currents of apathy, arrogance, self-service, willful ignorance and sedition, there is hope. What we need to do is make certain he knows there are Americans more concerned about the peril of our Warriors and the uncertainty of our future as a World Force than those things this administration would like to distract us toward. We need to let Representative Walter Jones of North Carolina know that we will not tolerate any policy that further subjugates this nation to any foreign pestilence, power, nation or it's ideologically deluded population. That we vigorously support him in his quest to force the neutered elected officials in DC to see the high price of their lack of attention to the misguided handling of this war and the wanton destruction of our Warriors.

Go get em' Congressman!

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard

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