Friday, June 4, 2010

Corruption, Collusion, Convolution; Kandahar

For the past several months now, a chorus of voices, including mine have been trying to draw attention to the one great failure in the prosecution of the war(s) in Afghanistan and in Iraq. That failure has been and continues to be an inaccurate assessment of the enemy. In the beginning, it was an annoyance but as time has marched on and as ISAF has continued to pursue one misadventure after another, it has become more than apparent that the annoyance is in fact a sickness. Specifically a Mental and Spiritual malady. An unwillingness to accept the fact that 1400 years of terror, subjugation, forced conversions, murder, plunder, deception, demonic worship, cultural depravity, the de-humanizing of women, random beheadings for the sake of propaganda and propagation and complete lack of tolerance for any other religion defines the enemy, is the manifestation of this Mental and Spiritual sickness.

Under Barrack Obama's 'leadership' which has mandated force projection by Counter Insurgency, we have seen failure after failure to control the battle space, not due to any failure by our Marines and Soldiers, but exclusively through a failed CIC vision, a failed CIC understanding of the enemy, a failed willingness to call Islam what it is and the consequential strategy our military is forced to perform within.

We have been consistently saying for months that COIN cannot possibly succeed in this ideologically monolithic society. Trying to drive a wedge, in essence, between the 'Insurgency' and the 'innocent population' has been and will continue to be as successful as convincing a wife and children in Boston, that the overbearing Police that have broken down their door to arrest the husband/father for parking tickets is in their best interest.

Again; there is no substantial difference between the government in Kabul, the civilian population and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Not only is their religious ideology monolithic (shared and all encompassing), but they all share familial ties, tribal ties and a shared hatred of all things not Islamic. In Hershel Smith's new piece, he quotes the AP and their story on the shoveling-against-the-tide strategy about to be launched in Kandahar and the view of the people there versus our pie-in-the-sky understanding of them. From the story:

Haji Raaz Mohammad, a 48-year-old farmer from Kandahar, said he has never understood why the U.S. is trying to drive out the militants.

"I don't know why they are doing it," he said. "The Taliban are not outsiders. They are our own people."

So one more time; can anyone tell me why we still can't understand why trying to impress who we want to believe the enemy to be on them isn't going to change who they understand themselves to be? This is the very definition of insanity not the unbridled perseverance that the current administration and the collective would have you believe it is. Even General McChrystal himself admitted that the strategy wasn't going so well in a statement he now regrets, saying that Marjah was a 'bleeding ulcer'. The truth of the matter is that the Counter Insurgency Strategy continuing - apparently unabated in Afghanistan is the acid, eroding the war effort that is now the cause of the nationwide 'bleeding ulcer'.

The fact is, just listening to the Afghan people should have been enough to tell the planners and strategists (much less the administration), that conducting this war through the prism of COIN doctrine was doomed to fail. THERE ARE NO 'GOOD GUYS' WHOSE HEARTS YOU NEED TO WIN. They-are-all-the-same!!! They are all Islamic, they all hate and distrust all who are not and they all understand the Koranic mandate to force the world to submit to Islam. In addition; the murderers we continue to refer to as Insurgents are bona fide family members of the very people whose hearts and minds ISAF is claiming to try to win. They are in fact Afghan citizens. They are in fact Pakistani citizens which is made moot due to their unwillingness to accept the Durrand Line as a legitimate border.

ISAF points to minor successes in tribes and smaller regions where they have had a 'meeting of the minds'. The fact is, those are also regions where we have dumped money and resources in an effort to 'buy' those hearts and minds they are trying to 'win'. As long as there is gain, the Islamic understands it to be in his best interest and that of Allah's to take from the Infidel that which he can. When the flow of goodies stops; so does the 'cooperation' and so evaporates the 'won heart'.

So as we sit and watch the unfolding of yet another half-hearted attempt to root out the enemy from a region of the country 'we don't want them in', it is again fitting to ask if the planners and strategists and the Commander in Chief truly have any understanding of this enemy. So one more time, I will lay it out for them;

I have seen the enemy and he is Islam!

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard


  1. I absolutely 100% agree. Beyond oil. what in the world do the islamic countries have to offer society. They are our enemy and the enemy of all of the free societies of the world. They have sworn to take control of our nations and force their false religion and evil laws on us. If not they have a commitment to chop off our heads for even questioning their idiocy. All free men will at some point be forced to stand against this evil tyranny. Their manipulation of our freedom of religion wil ultimately bring the end of this freedom ... one way or the other.

    Time is short, Bob

  2. Have you seen this video? worth it

  3. Bob;

    I agree with that last statement. Of course the fact is that as long as we have been here, there have been men whose sole purpose has been to 'control' other men, their societies and accumulate wealth, property and personal prestige. Abusing the well-intentioned thoughts of men (Declaration and the Constitution) is just one more easy avenue. Evil men rising to political power and attaining seats on the courts etc.

    The only remarkable thing about what we are witnessing today is just how pervasive the evil is. I firmly believe Islam will play a major role in what most of us in the Christian community understand as the last days.

    The fact that it is being handled with kid gloves by many in government and honored by others and that foreign Islamics are held as more valuable than our own Warriors is just a more outrageous example.



  4. Malcom;

    Yes, someone sent me the link a couple of days ago. I don't think anyone there was expecting that kind of performance from that guy. He blew them all away and me as well. Heck, I didn't even know that verse existed. I am glad it was a Marine that delivered it.