Thursday, January 31, 2013

On the topic of Guns, Accoutrements, and the idiots who "Represent" us:

I have had just about enough of the queue of lambasting idiots whose sole desire is to control every aspect of American's lives. Their bloated exhortations about things they obviously know nothing about has risen to the level of epidemic. What is more troublesome is that there seems to be an unending assortment and number of mixed nuts fully prepared to accept any edict these windbags hand down from their lofty "thrones" in the City of the Dead (DC) while the combined knowledge of both exhorter and audience, if melted down and strained couldn't fill a thimble!

 I am sick to the point of retching of listening to the absolute nonsensical sputtering about firearms by those who can't differentiate between a butt stock and a flash suppressor so here is a short lesson in nomenclature to make you sound less stupid:

 FIRST, they are not "clips", they are magazines and the semi-automatic AR-15 is not "an assault rifle" any more than a baseball bat, hammer, kitchen knife, scarf, rope, lead pipe, pipe wrench, automobile, hands, feet, stick, screw driver, torch, et al all of which have been used at one time or another to "assault" someone by a deranged person.

 The "shoulder thingy that goes up" is a folding butt stock on a very few long guns most notably, the SPAS shotgun which is no longer manufactured. The correct description of what this particular dingbat in Congress was trying to describe, is, an adjustable butt stock. Its crime is making itself available for shooters of varying shapes and sizes - including women for whom many rifles are too large to fire accurately and painlessly.

 A bayonet lug is a superfluous piece of equipment - for almost anyone, in or out of uniform and does not contribute to the mental deficiency that denies a person the ability to know it is wrong to kill. A sling swivel is a mounting point for a sling which is used in competition and to carry a rifle over the shoulder for most civilians and while there are some really neat 1, 2 and 3 point slings on the market, no one except a seasoned and well-trained professional has a need for it or would even know how to use it. And NO; it does not make the rifle more lethal or the operator more proficient.

 A flash suppressor is not a lethal device. It is used to reduce the light signature of escaping gases from the muzzle of the rifle so the enemy has a more difficult time registering your position and dropping mortars and artillery on your head. Being as there isn't much in the way of danger from ordinance here in the civilian world, it is superfluous. And just because it is superfluous is no reason to ban it. It does not make the rifle more lethal or the operator more proficient. It does, however, make the rifle compliant with long distance rifle matches hosted around the country and at Camp Perry every year.

 A pistol grip has sent many a "sensitive anti-gunner" into orbit. Here's the skinny: All things being equal, I prefer a straight stock. Contorting your hand and wrist to accommodate a pistol grip actually take some practice and again, does nothing to make the rifle more lethal or the operator more proficient. So, get over it!

A magazine with any number of rounds is of ZERO use to someone who is not well-trained with the rifle or handgun it supports and no; Newtown doesn't count because at the grand distance of about 25 feet, he could have caused as much damage with a pile of rocks.

Magazines hold cartridges - not bullets! The ammunition that the Military uses does not possess "magical properties" delivering greater lethality. The fact is, military grade ammunition is designed to meet the requirements of the Geneva Conventions which requires full metal jacket bullets to reduce expansion and associated lethality which in turn reduces damage to the flesh, increasing the probability of survival. This also, then makes this ammunition terrible for hunting. In comparison, a hunting bullet, fired from even a bolt action rifle is far more lethal.

 Finally; for all of you "sheeple" who mindlessly "feel" your way to decisions that could ultimately eliminate first the 2nd Amendment and eventually, the entire Bill of Rights; get your bloody heads out of the clouds and do a little research so you won't appear to be the blustering idiots you currently sound like. And if you insist on allowing others to represent your sorry opinions of something that is no more than a tool, in the hands of a law abiding citizen, at least get someone who doesn't make the rest of us feel embarrassed to be a member of the same species!

 If any of you, left of center would like legitimate questions answered…please feel free to ask them. And no; I will not get drawn into an inane conversation filled with semantics and sensationalism. The fact is, our murder rate isn't even half of what the United Kingdom's is even though there are no more firearms available to their "subjects". Currently the weapon of choice in "merry ole England" is a knife which Parliament is in the process of outlawing.

 In this country, last year, 323 people were killed by someone brandishing an AR-15 or AK-47 style, semi-automatic rifle while in that same year, nearly 700 people were killed by a hammer!

 Echo Eight Bravo; Out!


  1. Hi JB,

    I hear your frustration. This is more of the left press running the country using the same tools they use to win elections.

    You are right there is no such thing as an Assault Weapon. As you said, surely you can assault someone with a gun, knife or even a tuna fish sandwich. Hey maybe ATF stands for Assault Tuna Fish?

    People hear AR-15 and think it means "Automatic Rifle" or Assault Rifle", but it really is the model number and first two letters of the original manufacturer/designer: ArmaLite.

    It drives me crazy to hear all this being pushed. Instead of trying to unarm the good guys, lets teach some good old fashioned self-defense, and not hide in closets when our establishments get attacked.

    If I'm in a building and someone comes in with intent to harm... I'm going in fighting, and that's even if I'm alone. I can't imagine someone taking over an entire establishment regardless of how many weapons or what kind they have.

    They are trying to make us afraid of guns, but as a martial artist, I've learned that I'd rather face someone with a gun than a kitchen knife... and I mean that.

    You'd better be careful what you say about the hammer. Next thing you know they will be banning your Porter Cable finish nailer, and you'll need a license to carry an Estwing.

  2. AMEN, and thank you. God Speed, sir! God Bless!

  3. Matt, Jim, Dave, Mike, Bill;

    We all know this has absolutely nothing to do with weapons or the furniture they are "adorned" in. It has everything to do with the eventual disarmament of the general population of this nation. And there are only two reasons for it; the first is for control and the second, abject fear.

    Much of this comes from the unbiblical belief that men are basically "good" and that the meer presence of something like a firearm can cause an otherwise meek, mild and loving individual to become unhinged and desire to kill.

    It is the same lunacy that at the same time chooses to legalize drugs which serve no purpose other than to put people into a stupor. And no; the argument that equates drugs and Alchohol is not even remotely legitimate because there is a reasonable quantity of alchoholic beverage a person can drink without being impaired while the same is not true about drugs. If someone drinks themselves into a haze, it is a question of judgment - not substance.

    In any case, this whole discussion is really about whether we choose to remain a free people or simply subjects.



  4. NY-Texan;

    Copy that and God Bless you!

    Your name suggests a conflict (lol)



    1. I JUST read this. LOL. Funny, I was "born" in NY, but "raised" in Texas. Let's just say, thanks be to God! :-)

  5. Ha ha ha ha ah!!! I can't stop laughing. I love your talent for writing and progression of thought. But try not to hold back so much!! I mean: "Finally; for all of you "sheeple" who mindlessly "feel" your way to decisions ...." Ha ha ha ha!! I heard Sen. Dianne Frankenstein on Meet to Press say that if you collapse the stock on an A R 15 it turns it into a machine gun. And she's their point person? That's who's leading our country and drafting legislation? She needs to ask her Indian Spirit Guide for more technical assistance!
    Thanks John.

  6. Copy Tommygun.

    If DC is a hive, she is the Queen which doesn't say much for the Drones...

    The problem is most folks out here sit here obediently nodding their heads.

    On and upnote; I have started teaching Pistol and Rifle; safety, handling etc. It will lead into tactical pistol handling by the end of the summer.

    I'm also using that time as an opportunity to correct some of the more moronic "contributions" to the lexicon.

    Yes; among dopes, DiFi is a star!



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  8. Thought you had stopped posting--Geeeeez
    Good one -this!!

  9. AGAIN!
    murdered by Afghan policeman-

  10. OUT-
    did not read that until now-
    sorry you are not communicating w/ us in the US anymore--
    the best it you- my Patriot friend--

  11. Knew we were headed down a frightening path when that wonderful California Senator stated, "Put simply, we cannot allow the rights of the few to override the safety of all. That is not the America that our founding fathers envisioned." The masses seemed to lap it up, and it appears things are going quickly downhill from there.

    First off, they are not the rights of the few, but the rights of all! These rights do not come from the Constitution or the government, they do not come from anybody but God. The framers stated this outright and designed the Constitution as an attempt to keep governmental control from interfering with those rights. As has been plainly spoken by many in powerful positions, they believe our rights to be a dispensation of government, thus the U.S. Constitution merely gets in the way and must be changed in order to fulfill the needs of government. Very strange indeed, since it was supposed to be for the needs of "We the People", and not the needs of government.

    Second, she obviously knows nothing of U.S history, or she wouldn't be able to make a statement about the founding fathers like that. In fact, it's the exact opposite of what was stated by Benjamin Franklin when in 1775 he said, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

    Unfortunately, the framers of the Constitution forgot to put up safeguards to protect against stupidity.

    I apologize for prattling on a bit.

    Semper Fidelis

  12. I =TOO am about to send and Over and OUT!!!
    Loive and Hugs-carol-CHRISTian Soldier

  13. Hi John, closed my FB page but wanted you to check this page out...
    Obama Vs U.S. Military

  14. Good article but you are wrong in your assertion of the UK murder rate. In fact the US rate is four times that of the UK. This is easily checked via wikipedia etc.However, "violent crime" is categorized in a totally different way. In the UK you have do not even have to hurt someone to be guilty of a violent crime now. There are still thousands of legally held firearms in the UK but it is very difficult to legally acquire a handgun.