Saturday, June 1, 2024

Guilty on All 34 Counts; Will it Make a Difference?

DISCLAIMER; If you're a Dem, read at your own risk. I have made this public to allow sharing by like minded people - not to raise the BP of people who are not...

Guilty on all 34 counts.

 A couple of Givens;

 1. This was inevitable given it was held in Manhattan that is 85% + Democrat.

 2. There was virtually zero chance of assembling 12 unbiased Jurors in Manhattan.

 3. The entire Prosecutorial team are not only registered Dems but have an entrenched history with the DNC.

 4. The Judge is a Dem and has donated to the DNC.

 5. The Judge's Wife and Daughter are paid, DNC Operatives.

 6. The Judge unabashedly showed prejudicial deference toward the Prosecution while displaying contempt for the Defense.

 7. The Judge's allowing salacious, irrelevant testimony from a Porn Actress in a he said/she said, accusation of consensual sex; where she extorted money to stay silent.

 8. That the entire Democrat/Socialist movement and power mongers would yell/cheer/demand the testimony of a known, convicted liar, Michael Cohen and the Judge reject the expert testimony of someone who works Federal Election Law.

 9. The Judge's instruction to the Jury gave them Carte Blanche including no requirement for a unanimous decision effectively negating requirements to the contrary in the 6th and 7th Amendments to the United States Constitution.

 Ironically, this shameless, seditious, concerted effort by the DNC, the entire 3 letter gaggle, the White House, Media, Intelligentsia and half of our "fellow" citizens will not move the needle in this election cycle 1 point in their favor while it might energize and coalesce the GOP and possibly increase defection amongst certain Dem demographics.

 There is a possibility the Supreme Court will act on a defense request for an expedited appeal to settle this before November, BUT for certain the Dems have what they wanted; flaunting the battle between the convicted Felon and Saint Biden. This also gives Biden his much needed opt-out of all debates being as it wouldn't be "dignified" to give a Felon equal standing with "Honest Joe".

 Also Ironic is the obliviousness with which the Dems decry election interference, dishonesty, rigged Judicial System, Disenfranchisement, etc while wielding them to not just gain advantage but to destroy the opposing candidate and disenfranchise half the Citizenry of their Constitutional Right to cast a vote for their choice.

We could have easily called this inevitability two months ago being as the Scales of justice in this case were modified to contain just one half of a Beam and just one Pan.

In the final analysis it was "unanimously" decided;

 " We hate Trump and he deserves whatever we can conjure for an allegation, charge, conviction and we'll install a Prosecutor to LIE, and an assemblage of NYC Comrads to SWEAR to it; using the testimony of a woman who is an established extortionist and paid to have sex for entertainment and a convicted, imprisoned, LIAR and disbarred New York Lawyer. "

 ... both of whom will make money from this.

 I seem to recall another historical trial where the entire system and relevant Citizenry screamed for the release of a thief, liar, murderer and debaucherous man while denying a man innocent of the charges, justice. The only difference is, that Trump is by no measure perfect; he's just a sinful man.

 Like all of us.


 John Bernard

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